Roger Waters Names REM’s “Most Phenomenal” Song

Roger Waters He has never hesitated to speak his mind when he deems it necessary. So it’s quite natural for him to criticize anyone from the President of Ukraine to his former classmates. Pink Floyd.

Since we are so used to Waters criticize and make people angry, it’s lovely to hear that a rock band was finally able to please the artist with their music. The recipient of this honor is REM, since Roger described a song of his as “phenomenal”. However, when she decided to go see REM to a concert, his meeting with Michael Stipe was somewhat complicated.

while chatting with Word Magazine (via Rock Celebrities), Roger Waters revealed that he liked numerous artists, such as John Lennon either Neil Youngand when asked if there were any recent groups he liked, he chose REM

“REM’s ‘Everybody Hurts,’” answered Roger when asked if there were any songs he liked from the newer artists. After his election, he went on to celebrate the theme. “That song is phenomenal”

Word Magazine via Rock Celebrities.

In another interview with john edgeton in 2001, Roger Waters revealed that he went to a concert REM but who had a bittersweet encounter with Michael Stipe. However, as to Waters he liked their music and respected the band, he didn’t care.

“I went to see REM one day, when they were a very new band, because I had heard something and I liked it”, reminded of the Pink Floyd icon.

“I went to the Hammersmith Odeon to see them. I called someone and said: ‘I want passes’. I thought, ‘Okay, I’m going to go say hi.’ I went backstage and they were very welcoming and quite reverent.”

Via Rock Celebrities.

And then what was the problem? Well, although the band was welcoming, Michael Stipe seemed to ignore it. Roger explained: “We greeted each other, except for Michael Stipe, who sat in the corner. He refused to speak and ignored me, which is fine. It was his concert or theirs. I didn’t mind it at all, but I sat down to watch the show, which was great; I enjoyed it a lot”.

After the frontman ignored Roger and perform the show, returned to the stage and paid tribute to syd barrett while singing the theme song Barrett solo, “Dark Globe.” Roger Waters recalled the moment saying: “In the end, they left, and then he came back out and sang ‘Dark Globe’ solo acapella.”

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