Rodrigo González squares John Kelvin: “Would you like your daughter to date a man like you?” | Dalia Duran | Love and fire | show business

john kelvin visited the set of “Love and Fire” to speak for the first time after being released from the Lurigancho prison. The cumbiambero told his version of the events after the conciliation meeting he had with Dalia Durán. The cumbiambero accepted the physical aggression against his ex-partner; However, Rodrigo González did not hesitate to question him for his actions.

What did Rodrigo González say to John Kelvin?

The popular ‘Teddy Bear’ was uncomfortable noting that John Kelvin praised himself and mentioned God. At one point, he asked her: “Would you like your daughter to date a man like you?

“I do not consider myself a bad man, Rodrigo… This life lesson is so that my children know what they should not do,” replied the cumbiambero.

Later, the presenter assured that Dalia Durán has her entire family in Cuba and that he took advantage of that. “You talk about forgiveness to your mother and your children, but you don’t include Dalia…”, the presenter told her.

John Kelvin explained that, initially, his ex-partner’s name was in the lyrics of the song “I apologize”, but due to his statements he decided not to mention it.

However, the Willax TV driver rebuked him again. “You almost killed her, you’re not here to give her the luxury to try ‘to see if I include her in my last hit.’ We can’t tell you ‘oh yeah, that’s why’. I am not born to tell you that, “said Rodrigo González.

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John Kelvin acknowledges that he physically assaulted Dalia Durán

At the beginning of the interview, John Kelvin acknowledged that he physically assaulted Dalia Durán. However, he denied being guilty of the crime of rape, despite the evidence.

“There is no justification for what I did. I assumed and paid. I was deprived of my freedom. At no time am I justifying myself. What I did was wrong,” said John Kelvin.

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John Kelvin does not seek to reconcile with Dalia Durán

When asked if he is still in love with Dalia Durán, John Kelvin ruled out a possible reconciliation with the Cuban model. He assured that, several years ago, he stopped feeling love for her. In addition, he confirmed that both have already signed the divorce.

“We have signed a divorce. I don’t know why they pretend… I stopped loving Dalia many years ago,” said the cumbia musician.

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Gigi Miter faces John Kelvin for affair with legal adviser

During her visit to “Love and Fire”, Gigi Miter took the opportunity to rebuke John Kelvin regarding the notorious affair he had with his legal adviser and the questionable attitudes he presented from prison.

During the conversation, the presenter assured that one of John Kelvin’s partners contacted her to give her confidential information. “He saw you with the hat that he has something with you and you know it. To your bad luck, one of your conquests approached me and, to your bad luck, she told me,” revealed Miter.

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