Rod Wave assaulted ex-girlfriend while her kids were at home, arrest warrant reveals

Rod Wave is facing a domestic assault charge by strangulation after being arrested

Rod Wave was arrested on charges of strangling his ex-girlfriend while their two children were at home, according to his recent arrest warrant, which has been made public. The rapper is facing a criminal charge of domestic assault by strangulation for the alleged incident, which took place on April 24. The woman reportedly called 911 twice after the attack, claiming that Wave had broken into the Osceola County home and become physically aggressive towards her.

The ex-girlfriend’s name is redacted in the court records. She says she was sleeping in her bed when Wave opened the front door and walked into her room. He then accused her of talking to other men and suffocated her until she couldn’t breathe. The rapper had already fled the scene when police arrived. The arrest affidavit states that the victim had a scratch located “near the left side of the neck” but refused medical assistance, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

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The woman told police that she and Wave had been in a relationship for four years and had two children. The rapper was arrested during a traffic stop the following week. Rod Wave was released from Pinellas County Jail on $5,000 bond on May 3 and pleaded not guilty to the charge.

The arrest came just days after Wave announced that her fourth studio album, “Beautiful Mind”, will be released next month. rod had previously talked about retiring from the music industry in the near future, so fans were excited to hear that he was set on releasing a new project. “I’m only here for a little while longer and when I say that I mean how Rod Wave“, he said during an Instagram live stream in January.

“I’ll only be here for a little more minute, man. I gave you pure drugs, pure crack. Nobody’s fucking me with that pen. That shit isn’t really me, man. I’m not a people person, I’m not the center of attention bro, I hate attention, man. I can’t get on the internet without seeing my face or name. […] It’s nice how you sold your soul bro ’cause you say it’s not you but for $300k it will be me.”

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