Ricardo Montaner shares his first photo with his granddaughter Indigo

Since the arrival of Indigothe daughter of Eva Luna Y Camilo, Ricardo Montaner He has not stopped sharing with all his followers the love he has for his granddaughter. Now, the proud grandfather published a photo on social networks of him where he is seen taking care of the new member of the family, which he touched his legion of followers.

The Venezuelan composer, shared his more than 8.1 million followers in Instagram a moment with the baby who was born last April. The singer is the most excited of the family and has given updated details of the little girl by saying that Indigo is very similar to his daughter Evaluna.

Ricardo Montaner, 64, has returned from his tour and is already at his residence in Miami, Florida, in the United States. In this way, he takes advantage of this break time to see his youngest granddaughter, and it is there that he captured the moment that he later published on his official Instagram account. “Breathing fullness” is the phrase that accompanied the image of a smiling Ricardo Montaner lying in bed. Although at first it seems to be a selfie, if you look closely you can see that he is not alone, because next to him you can see his feet wearing Indigo red stockings. The composer also tagged the little girl’s parents, Evaluna and Camilo, so fans of the famous couple could also see the photo. “That girl does not know in the midst of how much love came into this world”, “grandfather in love”, she is going to be the pampered grandfather, I have no doubts”, “the happy grandfather”, I can already imagine you singing to her all day, looking at her with love eyes”, were some of the comments from the fans.

It has recently been announced that the Montaner clan will have their own series. A reality show where they will show how one of the most popular families of the moment lives. Evaluna and Camilo, Ricky and Mau will participate in the program along with their partners, Ricardo Montaner and his wife, Marlene Rodríguez. The company in charge of developing the production is NTERTAIN, and commented that it will be a documentary series “without a script”, in which the Montaners will show their day to day in a deeper way than they do on social networks.

Regarding this new project, Ricardo Montaner explained that the idea of ​​making such a series was something that came up and was discussed during confinement with his family. “We revived the expectations we had of doing a program together and thus being able to communicate to people that message of what we feel family union means. Communicate that you can be happy in the midst of circumstances, despite anything and the threats that surround us”, said the Venezuelan composer.

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