Reservation Dogs: Season 1 Review

Poster for the Reservation Dogs series – here is our review of the series that has just started in Germany. (c) FX

Four Indigenous teenagers from a reservation in rural Oklahoma star in the authentic comedy Reservation Dogs, which is one of the surprising highlights of 2021. Here’s our review of the brilliant first season.

Hardly any other series surprised the editors at SERIENJUNKIES.DE® in 2021 as much as the infinitely charming Reservation Dogs, in which previously completely unknown young stars portray an authentic, amusing, warm-hearted portrait of American reservation life with all its light and dark sides to draw. The first season consists of eight episodes and can be streamed on Disney+ in Germany.

Reservation dogs“ is a heart project of the indigenous filmmaker Sterlin Harjo, who grew up on a US reservation and brings his youthful experiences to his work. The long-established world-famous Taika Waititi (“Jojo Rabbit‘, Our Flag Means Death), who similarly launched his career with his intensely personal New Zealand film ‘boy” started. Both also directed as part of the opening season.

The Reservation Dogs are a four-man youth gang from an Oklahoma reservation named after the gangsters in Tarantino’s film “Reservoir Dogs‘ but aren’t half the tough dogs they claim to be. They mainly take on their rivals from the so-called NDN Mafia in the context of a small war and commit minor to moderate crimes in order to get enough money together to leave for California after their fifth member, Daniel (Dalton Cramer), arrives died a year ago. But the group is not uniformly motivated when it comes to fleeing the reservation.

Bear (D’Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai), who sees himself as the leader of the group, is very attached to his mother Rita (Sarah Podemski) and still hopes that his father (Sten Joddi), who specializes in Native rapper Punkin Lusty has made a name for herself, will eventually return. On his stony path through youth, his ancestor William Knifeman (Dallas Goldtooth) and his horse appear to him from time to time, the well-meaning advice from the spirit world brings, but does not necessarily come across as the most serious warrior – and at that time gave up the spoon in the fight against General Custer more embarrassingly than heroically… “Being a warrior is not always easy‘ he says, rightly so, while gently urging Bear to face his problems instead of running away from them.

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