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Renzo Schuller He criticized the program “Combate” again, with which he achieved fame as a television presenter. During an interview for “You are in all”, the driver revealed that he experienced a very complicated episode during the time he worked in the production of ATV. In addition, he spoke of his admission to “This is war”.

What did Renzo Schuller say about “Combat”?

A few days ago, Renzo Schuller minimized the production of “Combate” by saying that he asked for ‘irons and beams’, but they gave him ‘three pins and a match’. Now, he came out to clarify what he said; however, he once again criticized the program he hosted with Gian Piero Diaz.

“’Combate’ had many moments, great moments and bad moments, for that moment. In terms of production, sometimes we needed things, the producers can attest to that, that they were the ones who requested (…). expressed the also actor.


He assured that he lived a difficult stage in the reality show due to the competition against “This is war” in the rating. “We went up and down (in rating), up for a long time and then it was difficult to go up (…). ‘EEG’ also appeared and added.

He recognized that the games on the ATV reality show were similar to the one on the América TV channel. “To be completely honest, you would burn the midnight oil saying ‘let’s do this,’ and the next day you would show up on the other side powered up,” he explained.

Renzo Schuller did not think to be in “This is war”

When asked about his admission to “This is war”, Renzo Schuller stated that he never thought of being a reality show host despite receiving a first proposal several years ago, which he rejected.

“When you are away for a long time, you see it with different eyes. At the time they called me and I didn’t feel like doing it. Time passed and they called me back, ”she concluded.

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