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The Zombie Slaughter Army of the Dead of Zack Snyder with Dave Bautista, available on Netflix since May 21, 2021, will he be entitled to a sequel?

Seeing the Zack Snyder version of the famous zombies was not enough for you in a film and you would like to know if there will be a sequel? You are in the right place. Here’s all the latest rumors and information about Army of the Dead 2. Release date, official title, synopsis, trailer, casting, filming… Find out everything you need to know about the sequel to the Army of the Dead by Zack Snyder.

Attention ! There may be spoilers for Army of the Dead and its sequel.

Zombies, but also spoilers

Will there be a sequel to Army of the Dead?

Netflix confirmed in July 2021 that Army of the Dead will have a sequel. Given the success of Snyder’s zombie blockbuster, it’s no wonder: the film was viewed almost 75 million times in its first 28 days on the platform, making it the eighth most-watched original film. on Netflix according to Business Insider.

Army of the Dead: PictureDave the Destroyer

What will Army of the Dead 2 be about?

Army of the Dead focused on a zombie-infested Las Vegas, chances are the sequel will go deeper and represents a global invasion. The final scene also reveals that Vanderohe (Omari Hardwick) was bitten while on board his private jet heading to Mexico. Will he spread zombie fever or will he prove immune?

Furthermore, the first part was just the exposition of Snyder’s ambitious plan. If we discovered the zombies, we finally know very little of their origins, which would probably be military. In addition, the enigmatic robot zombies that we see on several occasions should be explained. However, this is not the only question to be answered. Army of the Dead 2since we also learn in the first part that the undead can have offspring. Enough to create brain-scratching questions. Are they stillborn? Living-dead?

Finally, the last element that deserves clarification: the speech out of nowhere from Vanderohe on the possibility that the heroes are stuck in a time loop. If this theory is true it could even rewrite Army of the Dead.

Army of the Dead: PictureAnd it’ll be about zombies, probably

What do we know about the cast?

For the moment, there is no information on who will star in the film. On the other hand, given the number of deaths in Army of the Deadfew actors are expected to return in the sequel – unless they’re in zombie form. Omari Hardwick and Ella Purnell most likely to make returns in the following. Zack Snyder also said in an interview with Reverse that the character of Dieter (Matthias Schweigh√∂fer) might still be alive:

“We do not see [Dieter] die on camera, and there’s still a little time left [avant l’explosion nucl√©aire]. I won’t tell you what happens in Army of the Dead 2, but let’s just say there’s a chance Dieter survives.”

The fate of Geeta (Huma Qureshi) is also uncertain since we do not see her die during the crash of the helicopter in the last act of the film. We can therefore expect to see her again in Army of the Dead 2.

Army of the Dead : Fotograf Samantha Win, Ana de la Reguera, Dave Bautista, Omari HardwickThe Suicide Squad

What will be the title of Army of the Dead 2?

Army of the Dead 2 announced its title on its official website, and Zack Snyder repeated it several times in interviews. Following Army of the Dead is therefore called Planet of the Dead.

Who is making Army of the Dead 2?

Zack Snyder shouldn’t leave his baby in anyone else’s hands. Army of the Dead 2 therefore has a high probability of being directed by the director of 300 and Man of Steel.

Army of the Dead : Photo Omari HardwickTM Circular

What is the release date for Army of the Dead 2?

Army of the Dead 2 does not yet have an announced release date. For the moment, Zack Snyder, director and screenwriter of the first film, is working on his own Star Wars, Rebel Moon, which has just begun filming. The production of Army of the Dead 2 is therefore not ready to begin. As more information becomes available, we will update this article.

Where will Army of the Dead 2 be streamed?

Netflix distributes Army of the Deadand the streaming platform has no reason to deprive itself of broadcasting the sequel, especially since Zack Snyder promises a Zombie Snyder Cinematic Universe (which has already started with the prequel Army of Thieves).

How to see the movie trailer?

The filming has not yet started, it would be very hasty to hope for a trailer. This article will be updated as it becomes available.

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