rebuild War Machine armor with this awesome set

In the LEGO store, there are many sets that are no longer available, and this is a good opportunity to find future collectors. For example, War Machine’s armor is an old product, but there are still a few copies left in other stores.

LEGO Avengers: War Machine Armor is monstrous

With this LEGO set, you can rebuild piece by piece the imposing War Machine Armor which is made up of 362 pieces to assemble. This one features 6 rapid-fire stud shooters, 2 detachable stud shooters, “gripping” hands and an opening storage compartment for extra ammo. In addition, its cockpit is removable to place a figurine inside, as for its arms and legs, they are articulated.

In this set, you will also have 4 figures:

  • WarMachine,
  • Ant-Man,
  • and 2 Outriders.

Count 109 euros to get your hands on this LEGO set which will increase in value. Know that there is also a very nice electronic helmet of Ant-Man which is worth the detour.

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