Reasons why you are still single; you are your own agent of change

Enjoying singleness is not hardening our hearts or preferring to be alone, it is understanding that we also need time with ourselves, to understand each other, get to know each other, mature and grow. This does not mean that we do not understand and appreciate family, social and couple life, because we are social beings and we also need the support and understanding of others.

Now that if after ending a relationship, you find it difficult to find a new love, if you have felt comfortable in your isolation, if you feel that your dates only fail or if you feel that you lose hope of finding the right person, perhaps it is time to reflect not only on yourself but on your actions, on your perception and desires, goals and expectations.

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It is not about finding guilty but about understanding this behavior. Ask yourself what stops you from finding a partner and analyze your actions and way of thinking and seeing things. Take advantage of your single time to think about yourself, but also about your surroundings, your future and your ideals.

You are the only one who can change things to make them better for you. The site Salud 180 shares with us some of the reasons that may be pushing you not to encourage yourself to look for a partner or feel that you do not find the ideal person. Know yourself and move on, always.

Disney Ideals

Usually, fairy tale stories have told us a very concrete and idealistic form of true love, but life is not ‘perfect’ and things are not as one-dimensional as these stories. Disney has changed her focus in recent years, towards the importance of an empowered and self-sufficient woman and just like them, tYou must also change and mature.

Be independent It does not mean that you conform or that you reject everything, or that nobody is at your height, so do not push away those who show interest or stop meeting people, on the contrary, expand your horizons, Only then will you meet many interesting people and eventually the right one.

Reasons why you are still single; you are your own agent of change. PHOTO: Unsplash

Comfort zone

It is probably easier for you to settle into being single so as not to make an effort, that is, to don’t leave your comfort zone. If you play it safe, you don’t advance, in this topic we are talking about but in general in life. yesIf you don’t go out towards new horizons, experiences and opportunities, you will remain stagnant and that is not a good thing.

fear of failure

The uncertainty about what may happen can make you fear failure and cause insecurity. This is not going to go away, it is normal that you want to protect your heart, especially if you had a bad experience. What you have to do is face it, Believe in yourself and know that you are special and fantastic, no matter what.

Low self-esteem

Another pothole can be insecurity translated into low self-esteem. Perhaps you fear rejection, connection with others or feel that you do not deserve the love of others. Do not forget that there are good things in all of us and that the other person must be someone with whom you feel comfortable, to make each other better people. Love yourself first, so others can too.

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