Rafael Fernández laughs at criticism after giving a used car to Karla Tarazona: “I’m second-hand” | Magaly Medina | Magaly TV | entertainment

After Magaly Medina has criticized Rafael Fernandez for having given a used truck to Karla Tarazona for Mother’s Day, the businessman went to the set of “D’ Mañana” to comment on it.

The “King of Eggs” took the comments of the “Magpie” with humor. , (laughs)”.

What did Magaly Medina say about Rafael Fernández’s gift?

The host of Magaly TV could not with her genius and trolled Karla Tarazona, since the couple usually show off in luxurious places, wearing designer clothes and even traveling by helicopter. For this reason, the communicator was shocked to see the used gift that the host of “D’ Mañana” received on a special date.

“Isn’t your husband a millionaire? How is he going to give you a second-hand car? Now, this time, is it new or second hand? Oh no, well Karla. I would be embarrassed to show such a gift. I’ll give it back,” Magaly said with a laugh.

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This was Karla Tarazona’s reaction to receiving her new car

On Mother’s Day, Karla Tarazona moved her followers by showing the recent gift that her husband Rafael Fernández gave her. It was a black high-end van.

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“He thought I had forgotten everything, I even made him wear pajamas”, it is read in the history of the businessman. In the snapshots you can see the happiness of Karla Tarazona, who was blindfolded. Finding out what her gift was, she screamed excitedly and then hugged her partner.

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