Queen Sylwester returns: Series starts on Netflix

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New today: Queen Sylwester returns to Netflix

Queen Sylwester Returns (c) Netflix

Queen Sylwester Returns begins today, a Netflix drama series about a tailor and drag entertainer who returns to Poland in hopes of reconciling with his estranged daughter.

This Thursday, June 23, the Polish series “Queen Sylwester returns“aka”queen“aka”Krolova‘ World premiere on Netflix.

That’s what it’s all about: After 50 years, the well-known Parisian tailor Sylwester (Andrzej Seweryn, “In the swamp‘), who also appears as a drag queen named Loretta, returns to his hometown in Poland to reconcile with his daughter.

The ensemble also includes Antoni Porowski, Henryk Niebudek, Julia Chetnicka, Kova Rea, Maria Peszek, Pawel Koslik and Piotr Witkowski. The series was created by Arni Asgeirsson.

Here is a trailer in the original with English subtitles:

You can also see a German version of it on Netflix

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