Polo G talks about violence in hip hop and the bad energy you attract when talking about the dead

Polo G believes it’s time to grow up and leave the street life behind.

There are many theories as to what caused the increasing violence in Hip Hop. Some have blamed the culture for atrocities unrelated to the entertainment industry, but there are also conversations going on as the rappers assess what they believe is the root cause of the split. A number of artists have launched initiatives or organized events designed to help reduce gun violence in marginalized communities, and many rappers hope that speaking openly about this topic will encourage change in the future.

Recently, Rooga talked about certain beliefs about diss causing an increase in violence within Hip Hop. Radio presenters and stations are refusing to play diss tracks after the continued deaths of several rappers. Polo G he added his voice to the conversation and gave his opinion. “That’s not really the point being made,” he wrote.

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“When they say you’re always talking about the dead and bringing the dead up to the surface, you attract that kind of energy to yourself when you’re on the street or around it, you plug into that kind of energy by default. When the rapper is famous, you can expect to get caught if you speak ill of someone’s best friend who just died.” “It’s really time to start growing up and leaving it on the streets because so many times the world shows the same [emoji de cocô]. It makes you laugh and at the same time it makes you cry [100 emojis]”.

In related news, Polo G, could be on the list of rappers who died, however, the cause would be by overdose. “I got a little too high last night and woke up feeling horrible, almost lost my life,” Polo shared via Instagram.

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