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Hiro Moroboshi will be part of the new season “There is room in the background”, one of the most successful series on Peruvian television. This Wednesday, June 22, viewers will be able to enjoy this character, who is one of the butlers in the Maldini family house.

As revealed in the program “You are in all”, he was in Thailand and, for this reason, he had to evaluate the proposal very carefully.


What did Paolo Goya say?

“Yes, the truth is that it is a house, I had the love of always. At first I thought about it a lot, but in the end it’s something nice because it guarantees absolute fun. I’m so glad ‘Hiro’ is back,” she said.

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When and at what time does “Al fondo hay lugar” premiere?

“There is room in the background” returns to the small screen after six years this June 22 on América TV. The successful series of recent times presented its cast and also some previews of the new episodes.

There will be both new characters and notable absences that will leave viewers in awe. This season will be broadcast from 8.30 p.m. m (Peruvian time).

“There is room in the background” returns to the small screen. Photo: AmericaTelevision/Instagram


“In the background there is a place” launches a spot for the new season

The last June 11, the production of the series “There is room in the background” left the entire audience open-mouthed after launching the premiere video.

In the post, you can see Francesca Maldin having breakfast quietly. However, she is invaded by Teresita and the González family, who sit at the same table as her.

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“In the background there is room” assures “mourning” for some characters

Unlike the death of ‘Grace’ in the previous chapters, in this ninth season the absence of the characters will be felt: “We are justifying the absence anyway, in the first and second chapters and we are also doing the respective duels. We are meeting such important characters, we could not ignore it, “he said at the beginning Gigio Aranda.

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