Paola Rojas imposes style with an authentic dress with openings and spikes that marks her waist

The journalist imposed style today with an authentic two-color dress that was characterized by having different openings and peaks, as well as an adjustment in the area of ​​​​the waist, which managed to highlight it. A garment that few people would use, since it is a fairly modern design.

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Paola Rojas shone today with a modern garment, which was not only two colors distributed diagonally, but also had a top with openings on the shoulders and a high neck. A garment that highlighted her tiny waist, since it has an adjustment in this area.

What undoubtedly caught the attention was the skirt, since it is in peaks, the colors divided by a diagonal to the center of the fabric and it also has a very daring opening on the right thigh. As expected, the driver she wore her hair loose and wavy at the ends.

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While your make-up It included nude lips and black eyeliner. Her followers immediately began to give their opinion about the garment in the comments section, where there were some who criticized the dress worn by Paola Rojas.

While others immediately defended her, arguing that she looks good with everything, they even called her “the most beautiful and sensual image of Televisa”. I loved it, it is a different garment from what we are commonly used to seeing, a risky dress.

And if you, like me, loved this dress, take a look at the page of grave angela Mexican designer that has a wide variety of casual garments, among which printed dresses with lines and flowers stand out, as well as blouses with openings and peaks, if we talk about their most recent collection, their prices range from 2,000 to 7,000 per part.

So far they are the only news that the driver has shared in her social networksalthough surely in later days she will surprise us with more casual and formal envy outfits, for example the pastel outfit she wore yesterday, sky blue pants and a white blouse with ruffles.

A formal outfit compared to today, since for example this peaked dress with white tennis shoes would look great. Paola Rojas always being one of the most talented, professional and beautiful women in the world of TVwe are ready for more surprises.

We will keep you up to date with any news, for now do not forget to follow her on her social networks, since you will not only find outfits of envy and you will discover designers super talented Mexicans, sometimes also reveals beauty tips.

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