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In the early hours of the morning, the Chilean Pancho Rodríguez arrived at the Jorge Chávez airport, in what was his return to Peruvian lands after nine months of absence, after last January the immigration authorities denied him re-entry to Peru due to alleged irregularities in his situation. .

Surrounded by journalists, the former member of Esto es Guerra made his appearance at the door of the air terminal, from where he left for his home.

I’m very nervous about all this, I swear I can’t believe it, ”said the model for the microphones of La República.

Regarding his professional future in Peru, he revealed that he had received some program offers, but they did not come to fruition since he was not in the country and it was difficult for him to manage these matters.

“Yes, they have written to me about programs, and I haven’t wanted to talk about work with anyone because I wasn’t here. It was my answer to everything. I have said: the day I am there, God willing, soon… For now, I have some projects but I still don’t know”, he indicated.

He also referred to the questioning of a certain part of the public who asked him why he wanted to return if he was doing so well abroad, as he had commented on one occasion.

“People took the comment as it was. that’s why we’ve been fighting to get back here, she noted.

For his part, his lawyer Alexandros Cornejo, said that “justice has only been achieved for a Latin American”, so that the model can be in the place where they want it, in Peru.

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