Osvaldo Ríos revealed details of his relationship with Shakira

In 1997, the Puerto Rican actor Osvaldo Rios and the Colombian singer Shakira They were in a romantic relationship. He was a controversial romance since at that time the artist was 20 years old and he was 37. The relationship ended when Ríos declared that they were living together and it was not true. Twenty years have passed since that relationship between the Puerto Rican and the Colombian interpreter. In “The house of the famous”reality show in which he participates, the actor remembered that part of his story.

In a chat with the Spanish dancer Tony Costa, Osvaldo Ríos revealed that Shakira and he had plans to get married, and that even her parents were aware of the situation. “We had already seen house,” he revealed. However, the Mexican star Niurka Marcos, who is also part of the group of celebrities that make up “The House of Celebrities”, assured that he did not believe anything. Without rancor, Osvaldo Río confessed that the decision to end the relationship with Shakira was the best thing that could have happened to the singer. “She had to fly, it was the best thing that happened to her, not to continue with me,” he added after highlighting the love that he has always had for her. After her separation, she began her love affair with Antonio de la Rúa, son of former Argentine president Fernando de la Rúa.

“She was just starting with “Pies descalzos” and she had a whole world to live, when you love someone it is better to set them free and it is the best proof of love that you can give”, added Ríos. “With her I was very loyal and faithful, but at that time I was neither loyal nor faithful. Being with one and the other distracts you, it blurs your focus, nobody takes away what I danced, but you calm down or life takes its toll on you,” said the Puerto Rican.

In his story, the actor assured that the relationship became formal when Shakira introduced him to his parents. “There it was formal, from dad, mom, look at the house, accompanied by brother Tonino, who are still friends. We had plans to get married and everything. We had seen a house,” Ríos continued.

At the time, Shakira revealed that the song “Tú”, which belongs to the album “ Donde van los ladrones”, released in 1998, had been composed for Osvaldo Ríos. Although Ríos always assured that he had always “behaved like a prince with her”, at that time it transpired that the breakup was due to the fact that the actor was very aggressive on several occasions.

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