Offset shares how he misses Takeoff

Offset shared another tribute to Takeoff on Instagram.

offset shared a post mourning the Takeoff on Instagram this week. The rapper was shot and killed in a Houston bowling alley earlier this month. “I miss everything about you, especially that smile,” Set wrote his late cousin. the husband of Cardi Btake and when formed the group friends in 2008. They broke into the mainstream with their track “Versace” in 2013.

The group teamed up with Quality Control to release their debut studio album, “Yung Rich Nation”, two years later. In 2017, they were nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Rap Album with the release of their second project, “Culture”. This is not the first time that offset write to the Takeoff🇧🇷 The 30-year-old shared a lengthy letter to the late rapper on Instagram last week.

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“Dear Take, the pain you left me is unbearable,” he wrote. offset in season. “My heart is broken and I have so many things to say but I can’t find the words. I’ve been going to sleep and waking up hoping this is all a dream, but it’s reality and reality feels like a nightmare. Every time you saw me, you didn’t slap me, you hugged me. I wish I could hold you one last time.”

The friends and family of Takeoff held his funeral at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta earlier this month. In addition to Set and when🇧🇷 Cardi B, drake🇧🇷 Justin bieber🇧🇷 Yolanda Adamsas well as Chloe Baileyand more attended.

In related news, Houston Police Chief updated fans on investigation into the murder of Takeoff🇧🇷 “I feel good where we are progressing,” said Troy Finner to local channel KPRC 2 this week. “Do you remember that day, I met with his mother. I talked to that lady in person, she made a promise and there’s a lot being said. We want all investigations into murders when people are being killed to move. But the main thing is that we got it right.”

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