Not a bad series finale for Charmed reboot

Charmed (c) The CW

The CW ran the series finale of the Charmed reboot over the weekend with satisfying numbers. Meanwhile, the new western noir thriller Dark Winds was aired again on the cable channel AMC, also with good ratings.

Friday June 10th

On Friday evening, Charmed (2018) remained unchanged for the series finale on The CW (393,000 viewers, rating – benchmark in the target group between 18 and 49 years: 0.07). Overall, the numbers fell by almost 30 percent in the last season. In the station ranking, the witch series only occupied a place in the lower midfield.

Sunday June 12th

Two new episodes of the animated series Duncanville aired on FOX on Sunday evening. The first of these increased significantly again after the low ratings of the previous week (575,000 viewers, rating: 0.20, + 0.07). Interestingly, the second one didn’t drop either (566,000 viewers, rating: 0.21, +0.01).

On The CW, Riverdale saw neither ups nor downs (240,000 viewers, rating: 0.04).

On the cable channel Showtime, The First Lady fell slightly again after the most recent season high (292,000 viewers, rating: 0.03, -0.01). As usual, nothing changed for The Man Who Fell to Earth (137,000 viewers, rating: 0.02).

The Starz series P-Valley was able to maintain its good rating at the start of the new season (247,000 viewers, rating: 0.08). Gaslit also benefited slightly from this (339,000 viewers, rating: 0.03, +0.01). Becoming Elizabeth’s series started with rather weak ratings (158,000 viewers, rating: 0.02).

At AMC, the premiere of Dark Winds got off to a slightly better start (1.4 million viewers, rating: 0.08). In the station ranking, the western noir thriller cuts right in the middle.

The Time Traveler’s Wife fell slightly on HBO (213,000 viewers, rating: 0.03, -0.01). The same goes for Barry (221,000 viewers, rating: 0.04, – 0.01). The Baby remains stable until the finale, albeit weak (93,000 viewers, rating: 0.01).

For further explanations regarding the rather complicated US ratings system, we also recommend our informative glossary entry: US ratings.

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