Netflix: Teen series and miniseries worth watching

The series or programs of adolescent court, that have a focus and content directed primarily towards this audience, can be very entertaining as well as significant, because there is an eye-catching quality and creativity, which seeks to attract the target audience, but at the same time reflect and represent today’s youth, in what he lives, feels, thinks and longs for, offering us a very welcome social reflection on it.

It is therefore not an empty and banal entertainment, as we might think, because it is not just about distracting us; many times of the programs we can also learning and discovering new things, stories and ideas, and if we talk about teen series, this is no exception.

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Just take a look at these short series or miniseries from the Netflix catalog and that they are directed mainly to the adolescent public, but that they are interesting, they offer us a reflective perspective on the life of today’s young people and they are quite entertaining and enjoyable.

The Society

Only one season that left the story unfinished but with enough thematic reflections and an idea of ​​what surrounds the mystery from which the premise starts, deals with a group of teenagers that one fine day he discovers that all the adults in the town where they live have disappeared. Now it’s their turn to take responsibilities and decisions and in it, there will be shocks and maturation.

boo bitch

The message is concrete: live the present, take risks, enjoy and treasure the moments and people that matter, because you will never know if there will be no tomorrow. And from there, a fun and snappy 8-episode story about a couple of friends that after a night of partying, one of them appears as a ghost. Now, she must finish her ‘unfinished business’, pushing her to finally ‘live life’.

The Baby-Sitters Club

Short episodes that talk about many issues that concern teensapproaching with sensitivity and not drama, is about a group of high school friends who start their own babysitting business. It is not so much the adventures that they live that resonates, although this makes it fun, but how it is that they must mature from it, in topics such as friendship, family, self-love and others.

I Am Not Okay with This

A black comedy from a season that is sarcastic, explosive and with a lot of sharp humor, it is about a teenager navigating the school life, with its ups and downs, setbacks and existential crises, which become more marked the day he discovers that he is developing supernatural powers, which you cannot control; incidentally, her best friend confesses that he is in love with her and that changes everything.

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Everything Sucks!

Another program that only lasted one season, set in the 1990s and that nostalgic halo allows us to talk about many things that changed the world at this time. Try to two very different groups of teenagers, who come together to film a movie; this coexistence brings out many things, from new emotions to the search for identity and wanting to ‘fit in’.

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