Netflix: Ideal short series to watch during the summer

With the arrival of summer comes a season to relax and enjoybecause we associate this mid-year mark with vacations, free time, a bit of rest and a good dose of joyful entertainment, enjoying with family or as a couple, at home, for a walk or anything that fills you with good it vibrates and it is that summer is hot, fresh, reinvented and, without a doubt, the ideal time to recharge.

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If you are looking for what to do this seasonwhether you have vacations or not, that is, if you are looking for something interesting and enriching to do during your summer, that does not conflict with other plans, such as walks and outings, a good series is a great option.

Today we present several great Netflix catalog options; series also short and accessible, entertaining and varied that you can see precisely perfectly at this time because they are short, either they are miniseries of few chapters in themselves or because in general they are not very long and you can see them complete in a short time.

Th Queen’s Gambit

A bold miniseries on strategy, growth and maturation, the fascination for the program lies in the great performance of Anya Taylor-Joy and a vibrant and intriguing approach to chess world. Set in the 50’s and 60’s, it follows a young prodigy, Beth Harmon, on the way to becoming the best player in the world. Ideal series also to see again if you are already a fan.

The Society

It’s a shame that it only lasted one season but its 10 episodes are enough to get you hooked as it combines mystery with suspense. Here a group of teenagers They go on a school trip and when they return, they find that the town where they live is desolate. They must learn to survive alone, but also find out what happened to all the adults.

The I land

The miniseries is full of twists and by being set on an island, it has the perfect setting for summer. It begins when several people wake up on an uninhabited beach. without remembering who they are or how they got there, but things get strange as the explanation begins to take shape as the episodes progress. There is too much Science fiction, a lot; but it’s entertaining.


Fantasy drama that features a twist legendary story of King Arthur, but from the point of view of Nimue, a rebellious teenager and sorcerous power in her veins, destined to become the Lady of the Lake, yes, the one that gives Arthur the sword Excalibur. Here he must fight against a group that wants to eradicate magic and an evil king advised by none other than Marline.

Pretty Smart

A series of very standard comedy that doesn’t run much further from its premise, doesn’t offer much new to its genre but is light enough to allow you to have a good time. It only lasted one season and follows a smart and studious young woman who moves in with her sister, running into a series of opposite characters to her, relaxed and carefree.

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