Natti Natasha shows hip-length in white dress with tremendous slit

Natti Natasha was one of the invited artists to the Billboard Latin Music Awards this Thursday at the Watsco Center in Miami, Florida, in the United States and of course the Dominican singer did not plan to disappoint her fans because she looked more elegant than ever with a beautiful White dress.

And it is that Natti Natasha came from the hand of her partner, Raphy Pina and they swept the red carpet of one of the most important musical events in the United States as the singer of “Nights in Miami”She decided to wear a long white dress that made a perfect contrast to her tanned skin.

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But specifically speaking of the dress of the 34-year-old singer-songwriter we loved the way the sweetheart neckline highlighted her natural attributes enlarged by motherhood, while at the waist we saw several see-through segments.

And the best of all is the lack because it is made in such a way that it looks like a very beautiful fall, in addition to the fact that the dress has a heart attack opening, because it was enough to see Natti Natasha walk to ask ourselves at what moment something else would be seen However, the garment is perfectly cared for to be sensual without showing too much.

And is that the singer of “Ram pam pam”Has impressed with her statuesque figure four months after giving birth to the little girl Life who was born on May 22 of the current year and from whom we have been able to know his growth during all these months since both Natti Natasha and his partner have shown us their growth.

Natti Natasha shows up to the hips in a white dress with tremendous opening PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

In addition, the singer of “Without pajamas”She decided to combine her beautiful dress with a pair of shiny sneakers that provided the necessary glamor and her hair was tied in a ponytail and showing off her curls, while on her face she wore a discreet makeup where the prominent lips of Natti Natasha stand out. .

The tiny silver set

And of course, Natti Natasha not only attended the Billboard Latin Music Awards as a guest, but also performed an interpretation derived from the nomination that the artist obtained in the female category of “Hot Latin Songs Artist of the Year.”

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So for her presentation Natti Natasha decided to wear a silver set with a mini skirt that revealed her beautiful legs and her statuesque figure, in addition to which she undoubtedly conquered the stage with her presentation and as if that were not enough she premiered a new song.

Natti Natasha shows up to the hips in a white dress with tremendous opening PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

It is the single titled “Impossible love”Song that Natti Natasha sings next to Maluma and that is available through all streaming platforms, in addition, it has a lot of fire and Latin flavor, so both singers hope that it will quickly position itself in people’s taste.

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