Nataniel Sánchez reveals that he argued with the producer of “Al fondo hay lugar” and gave him an ultimatum: “Will you leave me or will I go?” | videos | entertainment

Nathaniel Sanchez caused great expectation with his return to Peru, since the possibility of joining the new cast of “Al fondo hay lugar” was rumored. Despite the fact that many followers of the TV series were excited to see the actress again to personify “Fernanda de las Casas”, she rejected being part of the project.

In a recent interview for the “I’m Jackie Ford” channel, he revealed one of the problems he had to face when he was part of the series during its early years.


Nataniel Sánchez reveals discussion with producer

Nataniel Sánchez said that one day he had a meeting with a producer of “Al fondo hay lugar” and gave her an ultimatum because he would not let her continue her studies.

“They didn’t let me study. I cannot speak in general because there is a person who was in charge of the production and always swept for his own house… That disappointed me, “he said.

In the same way, he expressed that he had to claim for fair treatment in the cast: “I told him: ‘We all have to be treated equally, I think I deserve that’”.

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Why won’t he go back to “There’s room in the background”?

Although he assured that he fondly remembers his time in “In the background there is a place”, he stressed that he will not be in the 2022 season of the remembered series. “It is not a factor for which I have decided not to return. There are several factors. I consider that ‘In the background there is a place’ fulfilled his stage. I want to continue keeping the series in my heart”, he told Arturo Chumbe.

In that conversation, he said that he made the decision thinking about his future in Spain. “Four years of my life fighting to have an opportunity and throw all that away to come back here to do the same thing,” added Nataniel Sánchez.

Nataniel Sánchez assured that, definitely, he will not be in the successful series. Photo: YouTube capture – diffusion

Nataniel Sánchez proud of his work in “In the background there is a place”

Nataniel Sánchez got together with a well-known Spanish youtuber and revived his stage in “Al fondo hay lugar”. The national artist fondly recalled the moments she lived in said television series and was more than proud of her work on television.

He also referred to a possible romance with Erik Elera, categorically ruling it out. “We were partners, imagine if we had had an affair. How did we work afterwards? It’s a little awkward,” she said.

The actress recalled some anecdotes from her time in the popular series Al fondo hay lugar. Photo: Kevin GG/Instagram

Nathaniel Sánchez receives criticism for his Spanish accent

Nataniel Sánchez’s latest statements on the YouTube channel “I am Jackie Ford” were questioned by Rodrigo González, who criticized her for her lack of identity, since her marked Spanish accent is noticeable.

“That’s for acting, not for your daily life (…) In addition to how alienated it is with accents and lack of identity, because that’s what it’s called,” said the Willax TV figure.

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Nathaniel Sánchez avoids talking about Mario Hart

In her conversation with “I am Jackie Ford”, the national actress recalled the relationship she had with Mario Hart in 2011. However, Nataniel Sánchez decided not to talk about a person who “is not worth it”. “People who don’t add up in my life disappear, they’re not even worth it. People who don’t join me are completely indifferent to me; What’s more, I don’t even remember, it’s a tip, ”she indicated.

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