Natalia Téllez assures that expectations and idealization damage love

Natalia Téllez considers that expectations and idealization damage love. | Special: Natalia Téllez’s Instagram.

Natalia Téllez assures that expectations and idealization damage love. From the chair of “Netas Divinas”, the 36-year-old Mexican actress and host shared her point of view about romantic love, noting that it can allow people to access situations that are far from genuine love, but sticks to social stereotypes.

In the company of Daniela Magún, Paola Rojas and Galilea Montijo, Natalia Téllez explained that, for her, the romantic love it comes from the medieval idea in which women were courted, but the background was a bargaining chip, since women were seen as property and this implies symbolisms that only degrade women”.

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“When I’ve come across people who are very conservative and rooted in this perfect, romantic idea of ​​things, then it becomes false because not attached to reality. Reality has thousands of potholes, profiles and oddities and that’s wonderful and that’s how people are,” said the actress of “Twenty-year-old, divorced and fantastic.”

Likewise, she said that at least she hopes for a relationship that moves away from the idea of ​​romantic love, since prefer to live something realwhich is better than going after the ideals that have been socially imposed, damaging the concept of love, union and delivery when being in a relationship.

“I hope (a relationship) that it is very real and that then things can be discussed as they are and not be romanticized,” said Natalia Téllez, who confessed that it is a topic that makes her curious about her current relationship, since before it was easy for him to finish a engagementbut now that she has someone she cares about and it’s the father of her daughter, she doesn’t know “how I’m going to set it up, but I do know that I want those nuances and that reality.”

In that sense, she shared that her boyfriend, Antonio Zabala, is far from the romantic idea because he tends to be practical and methodicalbreaking with the moments that are considered “romantic” and even unique in a relationship.

What I want is that he and I tell each other the truthand that we find in what way he and I do understand each other, if we meet, if we make teams and if we make ourselves happy, ”said the host, who opened her heart even more and said that so far she has found the person she is perfect for her.

In fact, she shared a situation that moved her, although she does not adhere to the idea of ​​”romantic love”, since he gave her a gift and she asked him “is it romantic” and he replied “it is not romantic” because it was about a thermos; however, the reason why she chose the present has a cute undertone: he bought her a thermos because she is breastfeeding and needs to drink water all day.

This made Natalia Téllez express “you are the most adorable [email protected]ón I have ever met in my life”, so she pointed out that romantic love is far from real love for a simple reason: it is not genuine because it seeks to impose or satisfy ideas external and distant from the relationship, when the most important thing is to live according to the reality of what you have.

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