“My God, what was done to his face,” fans tell Yuri

“My God, what was done to his face,” fans tell Yuri | GI SPECIAL

“My God, what was done to the face”, they call yuri fans. In a recent publication, the jarocha surprised with a new face, which is why netizens wonder “what happened to him”, “he missed the botox” and “he looks unrecognizable”.

In the video you can see the wide cheeks, like his nose, which becomes more evident every time he smiles; even her lips look extremely thin and the corner of the eyes small.

His followers wondered if the interpreter of “Damned spring” underwent a cosmetic surgery at 58 years old; However, years ago, the blonde admitted that she is already a few years old. injecting botox on the face, although he made it clear that he would not bet on plastic surgery to look young.

In the recent clip that she posted on her Instagram account, Yuri wrote the message “Have the freedom to wear whatever makes you feel unique.” The reason for this phrase is that she wears translucent stockings with thick stripes that expose her shapely legs.

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Also, he only wears a carmine bodysuit that combines with a red jacket and is that although her outfit is daring, in reality, what caught the attention of netizens was her expensive.


Some fans flattered her, but most critical her new image: “Divine Yuri but be careful with the face that is on the way to Madonna syndrome!!!! I mean moon face!!!!”, “God… since it was done on the face it looks different”, “If you don’t put anything on your face anymore, it looks very different”, “It was beautiful! Before so much Botox” or “My God, what was done to my face”.

The change is so radical that a netizen wrote “I thought she was an impersonator haha… she looks weird”, accompanied by a sad face emoticon. Others asked him why he got Botox if he looked good before.


However, in September 2015, Yuri herself revealed that for five years they applied botox and he does it only to be pleasing to the eyes of others; However, she clarified “I am a woman who is sure of myself, of my essence, because I have God in my heart,” and assured that she wants to “age with dignity.”

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