Ms. Marvel: Destiny – Review

Photo from the episode Destiny of the series Ms. Marvel (c) Disney+/Marvel Studios

In Destiny, the third episode of Ms. Marvel, we learn a little more about the origin of the bracelet that unleashes Kamala’s powers. But she also has to learn that you can’t trust everyone.


The episode Destiny begins with narration by Najma (Nimra Bucha), the mother of Kamran (Rish Shah), who recounts how she and her companions came into possession of the bracelet, including great-grandmother Aisha Khan (Mehwish Hayat ) was involved. It’s a flashback many years in the past to Pakistan, when the British Army attacked and said hand jewelry was found on a severed blue arm (is it a Kree?). However, Najma and Aisha apparently parted ways. However, as the episode progresses, we learn that Najma has her own agenda and may not be the most trustworthy person.

In the present, she then explains more to Kamala about herself and her companions, who hail from another dimension where they are known as the Clandistines. Some call them “unseen” or “Djinn“… Aging is different for them than for normal people, because it all happened about 100 years ago. Kamran is actually only 17 years old. Kamala is now supposed to use her power to help bring the crew home, but how exactly that is supposed to work remains an open question. At first, Kamala is happy that there are other people who understand her and who can perhaps provide her with more background information about the secrets of the family, but anyone who knows superhero stories knows that some things look too good to be true at first glance .

Djinn 101

First of all, Kamala tells Bruno (Matt Lintz), who is supposed to help her with researching the Djinns. The relief that she is neither from Asgard nor an alien (although the latter is not entirely out of the question) is great. So Bruno wants to read up and mentions a paper by a certain Erik Selvig (Stellan Skarsgard), whom we know from the first Thor films. Meanwhile, Night Light, as Kamala’s hero page is known, is trending, which Kamala apparently didn’t expect, although of course the eyes were on her when she rescued the boy on the tower.

Meanwhile, the Damage Control agents show up at the mosque to look around, but Nakia (Yasmeen Fletcher) and Sheikh Abdullah (Laith Nakli) insist on a search warrant from a judge. It’s becoming clear, though, that the Jersey City heroine must be a member of the faith community, and some will probably put 1 and 1 together faster than others.

Meanwhile, Nakia visits Kamala’s home, where she continues to watch videos of her first feat. As an aside, Nakia mentions that she was elected to the mosque deputy. She’s happy, but you can tell her head is somewhere else.

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