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The Miss Peru 2022 It was one of the most talked about topics in recent weeks due to the controversial triumph of Alessia Rovegno. However, a little known aspect of this contest is how much money the winner gets as a prize and what are the functions that she must fulfill as a beauty queen.

According to a report prepared by Infobae, the reward for winning the crown usually varies. Marina Mora, organizer of Miss Teen Model Peru, commented to the web portal.


For his part, Santiago Delgadillo, director of Miss South America, revealed that only part of the prize is given in money and the rest in cosmetics: he commented.

It should be noted that the winner of the last contest, Alessia Rovegno, received a sum of 10,000 dollars in addition to a kit of high-end kitchen appliances, and all expenses will be covered during your participation in the Miss Universe International.

Lazy loaded component

The former beauty queen commented that an international contest has a much stronger level of competition than a national one, in which the queen is sought to be beautiful, charismatic, intelligent, communicative, self-confident and able to work in social works.

”It is a strong level and I consider, as a participant in these contests, that the most difficult thing is the pressure and self-pressure of meeting your own expectations, with those of the organization and with an entire country, which is Peru”he explained.

What functions does a Miss Peru have?

The main obligation of a Miss Peru is to prepare to represent the country in the Miss International Universe, which is held every year. In this contest compete with beauty queens from other countries. In addition, she is used to participating in social works and other activities that she coordinates together with the organizers of the event.

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