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Their nerves got the best of them. The participants of the beauty pageants do not have to worry only about their beauty and charisma during the catwalk and the personal interviews, but they must be very calm and intelligent when answering the dreaded questions that the jury asks them.

More than one beauty queen has given in to the pressure and anxiety of having all eyes on them, causing them to give unusual and even funny answers that end up going viral. Find out here what were the most striking interventions in beauty contests around the world.


Alessia Rovegno at Miss Peru 2022

Bárbara Cayo’s daughter reflected on cyberbullying and the type of attitudes seen on social networks and asked users to stop criticizing. Despite this, she was stuck when raising the idea, using fillers on several occasions.

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Miss Melilla 2001

Elizabeth Martinez He suffered when one of the jurors told him to “describe in about 25 words everything you know about my country. I am the Russian ambassador.”

the young Miss Melilla 2001 she looked visibly flustered, stammering out an unconvincing response.

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“” said the model.

Miss Italy 2015

The jury of the contest asked the contender for the crown: “”. great surprise caused when alice sabatini told the jury that the chosen date was 1942, critical years where the Second World War hit Europe.

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“It was the time my great-grandmother lived and I would have liked to live it,” added a trembling Miss Italy. Also, the situation got worse when she said that.

The jury couldn’t believe they had heard him and even joked that


Miss Panama 2009

Giosue Cozzarelli went down in history as one of the most famous queens in history, and not because of her great stage performance, but because of her unusual response on confused.

”, said the clearly nervous model.

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Miss Venezuela 2009

Patricia Andrade She had a very difficult moment when they asked her if she was “The young model was blocked and did not know what to answer, despite the support of the public and the presenter of the event.

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Miss Chile 2001

Carolina Zuniga was the target of criticism during a beauty pageant in Chili when the jury asked him: . The model did not seem to understand the question and she replied that she would choose the Pope Juan Pablo II.

The presenters of the event tried to help her and told her that they were not asking her to name a “Model man”, but someone to perpetuate the human species. But Miss Chile he did not seem to understand, and replied with: , provoking laughter from the jury.

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Miss Bolivia 2015

Giovanna Salazar remained in the memory of the contest for her unusual response. The young woman was asked: Miss La Paz began a rant that very few understood.

“”, she answered quite nervously.

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Miss Venezuela 2012

Irene Esser She finished as the first runner-up in Miss Universe in 2012, and for many experts on the subject, the defeat had to do with the answer she gave in the dreaded round of questions.

The actor Diego Boneta, who at that time was working as a reality judge, told her: Despite the fact that the model had a translator, she decided to answer in English, something that only served to make her more nervous.

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“I think that whatever law there is in the Constitution or in life, they have already been made. I think we should have a direct way to go. For example, I’m a surfer, and I think the best wave I can catch is the wave I expect,” she said between awkward laughs.

Miss Peru 2022: this was said by Alessia Rovegno, Valeria Flórez and Tatiana Calmell in the question round

alessia rovegno, Valeria Florez Y Tatiana Calmell they became the finalists of Miss Peru 2022, being the daughter of Bárbara Cayo who will be our representative in the next Miss Universe. Each one of them, before the coronation, gave a speech according to the topic they randomly chose.

Tatiana Calmell: climate change

“It is a subject that touches me a lot. As miss I would like to work on the issue of climate change, it is something that is affecting us a lot. It is attacking us, and if we do not act today it will be too late for future generations. I would like to raise awareness of the value that the land has for us Peruvians.”

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Valeria Flórez: violence

“Violence, in any of its forms, is reprehensible. Today we live in a world full of violence and it is not only reflected in our country, but in the world. I believe that as a country we must unite and give value to mental health. Listen to our children so that they form a strong emotional intelligence and thus have a society with a lot of tranquility, love and tolerance, which is what we need”.

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Alessia Rovegno responds to criticism after winning Miss Peru 2022

alessia rovegno She was not silent in the face of the wave of criticism she received after she was crowned Miss Peru 2022 in “This is war”. In an exclusive conversation with La República, Bárbara Cayo’s daughter sent a strong message to her detractors to make it very clear that she is not at all concerned about her negative comments against her.

“I only have to focus on myself, on working on what I have to work on and stay focused on what really matters, which is to leave the name of Peru high,” he said.

Alessia Rovegno. Photo: Composition LR/Instagram

Who is Alessia Rovegno?

alessia rovegno is a 23-year-old multifaceted artist. The Peruvian has worked in the art world as a model, singer and dancer. In addition, she has become an influencer and constantly shares details of her personal life with the more than 400,000 followers she has on Instagram.


What did Alessia Rovegno answer in Miss Peru 2022?

Bárbara Cayo’s daughter chose an envelope with the theme of cyberbullying either cyber bullying. Thus, the young woman had a couple of minutes to formulate her definitive answer during the live broadcast.

“I believe that any type of bullying is unacceptable, we must make people aware of the damage you do to someone who is a victim of this. I think that today social networks are being used in a negative way; to criticize, to attack, and we are not really aware of the damage that this can cause people. . It is a topic that must be given a lot of emphasis and a lot of importance in education… And nothing, I see it as very important. The change is in oneself, let’s make the change now”.

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