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Fatima Sotomayor Y Daniela Cabrera They are the youtubers behind Misias pero Viajeras, a channel created in 2015 with the aim of showing that you can travel around Peru and the world with little money. Recently, the names of the influencers were a trend because they compared North and East Lima with Cairo. In addition, they assured that they are not tourist areas.

Regarding this fact, which generated the repudiation of a large part of its community, we tell you who are the two influencers who have gained popularity with their journeys and experiences.

Why is Misias but Travelers a trend?

Fatima and Daniela shared a video on their YouTube channel about the tourist attractions in the capital of Peru with the aim of providing help to visitors who stay in the city.

However, they pointed out that sectors such as North and East Lima were not places for tourism, focusing only on places such as Miraflores, Barranco and Cercado de Lima.

“In these areas there is a lot of movement, traffic and commerce. We always joke with Fátima and say that people just live here, they have their daily lives and that’s it,” the youtubers mentioned.

After the controversy, users brought to light an old video where Daniela and Fátima recommend a place in East Lima. Photo: composition LR/Instagram/Wariqueando

For this reason, they received hundreds of criticisms on social networks, generating divided opinions on the comments of Fatima Sotomayor and Daniela Cabrera.

“A little bit of googling for the Misias but Travelers wouldn’t hurt them,” reads one of the messages left for her.

Netizens debated the video of Misias but travelers. Photo: LR composition/Twitter capture

Who are the creators of Misias pero Viajeras?

Misias pero Viajeras is a YouTube channel created by Fátima Sotomayor and Daniela Cabrera in the mid-2010s. Its purpose is to show low-budget tourist destinations in the country and abroad.

The young women behind this project did not foresee the popularity that their videos would have on the streaming platform.

Both worked in areas other than content creation, but decided to focus 100% on their program.

Fátima Sotomayor and Daniela Cabrera, from the Misias but travelers team. Photo: Misias but travelers / Instagram / Capture Telethon 2021.

What did they do before creating Misias but Travelers?

Daniela Cabrera is an audiovisual communicator who thought of working on television. However, with the success of the channel, she realized that making low-budget travel explainer videos was her thing. She went from street vendor to PR before becoming a content creator.

Daniela Cabrera, creator of Mysias but travelers. Photo: Instagram of Misias but travelers.

For its part, Fatima Sotomayor studied business administration. His field was in business and marketing consulting. After that, she joined her partner to get the project Misias but Travelers.

Fátima Sotomayor, creator of Mysias but travelers. Photo: Instagram of Misias but travelers.

What is ‘The misia store’?

‘La tiendita misia’ is the online business they have Fatima and Daniela, which generate income by selling useful products and souvenirs for travelers. In 2018, youtubers opted for this project, given the success of their channel.

This is how they began to sell, hats, polo shirts and backpacks for their followers and users in general.

‘Liendita Misia’, from the Misias but travellers. Photo: Capture/Instagram

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