Met Gala | Marilyn Monroe’s Dress Wasn’t Damaged by Kim Kardashian

(Los Angeles) The private museum owning the famous dress worn by Marilyn Monroe to sing Happy Birthday Mr President denied Thursday that it was damaged by Kim Kardashian during the gala evening at the Metropolitan Museum in New York, as some fans of the actress claimed.

“Kim Kardashian was strongly criticized for wearing the dress of happy birthday but the fact is that she did not damage the garment in any way during the short time it was worn at the Met Gala, “responded the Ripley’s Museum in a press release.

A fanatical Marilyn Monroe collector has accused the company, which owns the dress worn by the actress in 1962 to wish President Kennedy a happy birthday, of letting Kim Kardashian put it on for the prestigious Met Gala, which was “irreparably damaged”.

To support his statements, Scott Fortner released photos of the cream dress adorned with thousands of crystals.

On the first series of images appears according to him the famous dress of Marilyn such as it was before the Gala of the Met. The second set was taken by a friend of Scott Fortner’s on Sunday in the window of Hollywood’s Ripley’s Museum, after Kim Kardashian donned it.

Comparison of the shots seems to show small tears in the fabric at the back closure and several crystals missing or hanging by a thread in the back of the dress.

The snaps and the alleged damage to the dress, bought at auction by Ripley’s in 2016 for a record $4.8 million, have drawn widespread criticism on social media in recent days.

Ripley’s quotes in its press release a report written in early 2017 on the condition of the dress which already shows damage. “A number of seams are pulled and worn. This is not surprising given the delicacy of the material. There are pleats on the back, near the hooks and eyelets,” the museum writes.

“From the bottom of the Met steps, where Kim put the dress on, to the top where it was returned, the dress was in the same condition,” said Amanda Joiner, vice president of Ripley’s who has been constantly with the dress on the day of the gala.

Kim Kardashian, who had undertaken a draconian diet to be able to fit into the legendary dress, had passed a copy immediately after climbing the stairs to participate in the evening proper.

She has not publicly reacted to this controversy.

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