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Melissa Paredesonce again, starred in an intense moment in relation to Rodrigo Cuba. This Thursday, June 16, the model was present at “love and fire” and had the opportunity to pass the polygraph test and prove that his statements about his ex-partner were true. Nevertheless,

As you remember, at the beginning Melissa Paredes agreed to go through the polygraph test, but her lawyer had an objection and in the end it was null. Subsequently, the drivers changed the question and mentioned a statement that the former host of “America Today” said in the interview: “Is it true that you kiss (with Anthony Aranda) just on the day of the ampay?”, receiving the denial of the influencer.


What did the polygraphist say?

At the end of the program, Melissa Paredes did sit down on the polygraph to evaluate her answers and, after a test of negative and positive questions, the actress’s statements about Rodrigo Cuba yielded a false answer.

For this reason, the personnel in charge of manipulating the polygraph released their testimony: “To prevent her from rationalizing in the wrong way, we clarified the question to verify that what we were asking was correct to what she understood.”

“The production gave me the independence and the freedom to do the audition as it should be done. This was a very complicated test and I always repeat the same thing: ‘The truth liberates, the lie generates a knot’”, she said at the beginning. Later, she stated: “We have asked the same question up to three times despite the fact that she had rationalized it as it should be and we stayed until 5:00 pm without losing patience, but the polygraph gave that result.”

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Melissa Paredes disagrees with the result

Through her social networks, Melissa Paredes communicated with her followers to report what happened in the polygraph and released her version of the events: “They prepared me with that question and other things. I don’t know if it’s the usual procedure that they prepare you before you go through a polygraph by telling you the question and answer. The result showed that I was lying. It seems strange to me because, to begin with, my presented evidence says the opposite ”.

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Melissa Paredes “lied” about separation with “Gato”

The polygraph showed that Melissa Paredes was lying about a formal separation between her and Rodrigo Cuba. Although the same question was asked 3 times, the polygraph examiner confirmed that his answer was not correct. ““Surely in my mind I thought of being separated being married. Could that have happened?” Said the former television host.

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Melissa apologized to Rodrigo Cuba

In this same interview, after criticizing for several minutes Rodrigo Cubathe model Melissa Paredes He decided to change his speech. For the also actress, everything has been a confusion of words: “Rodrigo, forgive me for saying that there was psychological abuse. If it seems unscrupulous to you, I am asking for forgiveness for that, because I have never wanted to leave my daughter’s father in a bad way. Moreover, I have always wanted her to share with her father ”.

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Magaly discovered infidelity of Melissa Paredes in “Queens of the show”

“Here in this program we are the only people who handle the privileged information of the accurate data, of the tracks that we follow, and the clues that we are trying to see if it materializes or not. Don’t target those from ‘América Hoy’ because the fact that you and the dancer were ‘pachamanqueando’ in the weekend program (Queens of the Show), that’s where the rumors came from, “he said.

Magaly Medina responds to a notarial letter from Melissa Paredes. Photo: Magalymedinav/Instagram / Capture of America TV

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