Matuck x Gssis make a lot of noise with the track “Ends Tomorrow”; check out

A few months ago, the artist Matuck, together with Gssis, released the long-awaited video clip of the track “Acaba Amanhã” on his channel. The single that had already been released in lyric format in 2019 and at the request of the public, the artists turned it into an audiovisual.

The single brings a unique musicality and sound, with an addictive and contagious rhythm, standard of both artists. The beat featured the production of Gssis himself and mix/master, recording and musical production on behalf of SharkBeatz, producer and owner of Zigurart Rec.

According to Matuck, the production was with few people, but with all the attention to quality and perfection, within its proposal. The artist was the creator of part of the niches of the productions.

In a conversation with the artist, he told us a little about the production of the single: “I like to compose sounds with a lot of melody and an immersive atmosphere, but the area I feel most comfortable in is the love song. I think that’s where I can express myself from the heart and more clearly portray situations I’ve lived through and relationships I’ve had with an unbiased view. I like catchy beats and flows, with verses and melodies that stick in my head and people identify with. ”

At the moment, the artist seeks to bring more visibility to his works, always looking for more quality, and claims to be interested in creating connections in the medium, including to better manage his career and his future productions.

Check it out below:

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