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Magaly Medina revealed the conversation Vania Bludau and Evelin Jimenez they had via WhatsApp to clarify what kind of violence the model suffered during her relationship with mario irivarren. Before the speculations of the ‘Urraca’, the confidant of the former reality boy contacted the producer of atvs to make a claim.

As is known, this Friday, May 13, Magaly Medina issued a report in which Vania Bludau shows that Evelin Jiménez was aware of the physical violence suffered by the model with Mario Irivarren. Likewise, it was shown that the businesswoman defended the model shortly after she ended her relationship with Mario Irivarren.

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Evelin Jiménez claims ATV production

Through some stories on her Instagram account, Evelin Jiménez announced that she complained to the production of Magaly Medina on WhatsApp because, supposedly, the statements she gave were taken out of context.

“Good evening. You’ll have to prove me where I say she deserved to be hit. At what point, when you called me, did I say it? Magaly said it and I recorded it, that’s defamation “, you can read on the screenshot.

Mario Irivarren’s friend claims Magaly Medina’s production. Photo: Instagram.

“In the first place, I never said that Miss Vania deserved to be beaten. The reporter already told me that she never said that (I have the conversation recorded). Second, my responses were taken out of context and edited,” she said in the following story.

Evelin Jiménez denies speculation. Photo: Instagram.

“And if I expressed myself that way, it was because of a question that they asked me that they didn’t put, but my complete answer was this: ‘I am a woman with three children, I am not for childish things. She is a woman with many husbands and she is too old to write to me, insult me ​​and then erase. If she has to tell me something, let her tell me, not that she write to me and then erase. That’s for girls,” she continued.

Evelin Jiménez denies speculation. Photo: Instagram.


Evelin Jiménez denies touching the subject again

“I apologize for my (edited) responses. I only know that there is a truth and since I could not send them the audios of the witnesses, all this happened. I have nothing more to say. I will not speak of the subject again. Time is wise and there is no lie that lasts a lifetime, ”she concluded.

Evelin Jimenez apologizes. Photo: Instagram.

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