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The controversies between mario irivarren and Vania Bludau do not stop. This time, the reality boy would have given permission for a person close to him to go out and tell details never before revealed about the relationship he had for more than a year with the well-known model.

During the May 13 broadcast, the “Amor y Fuego” program communicated with Mrs. Evelin Jiménez, considered to be the entrepreneur’s ‘adoptive’ mother. Among all the things that she commented, she was encouraged to tell how the former reality girl became the image of the pajamas that the influencer sells.

What did Evelin Jimenez say?

The lady said that the real reason why Vania had to become a model for the Irivarren brand was because the young man lost contracts with different companies, after both were intervened in a beach house in Punta Hermosa at the beginning of 2021.


“She says that this problem starts with the police. Yes, it starts from there. And why is she a pajama model? It’s not because she wanted to, for love and all that, it was because she had screwed us, “she mentioned for Rodrigo and Gigi’s cameras.

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Mario Irivarren: witness affirms that Vania Bludau had a bad attitude

Similarly, Evelin narrated one of the experiences that she lived with them for a campaign of the ex-combatant’s enterprise, and where she was able to witness the bad behavior that the model had towards who her partner was at that time.

“For the Valentine’s Day campaign, she had this bad attitude. There were things that made me feel bad that day. (I thought) she must be hungry or something happened to her. She told him: ‘do you want me to put on a happy face or that she loves you?’”, she limited.

Evelin Jiménez affirms that Vania Bludau attacked Mario Irivarren. Photo: composition/ Willax/ Instagram

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