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Mariella Zanetti He has had various romances over the years. Among them, there is one that drew attention some time ago. It is about the love affair that the actress starred in with the former mayor of Santiago de Surco Roberto Gomez Baca.

The relationship between the two grabbed several headlines due to the unique details that the ex-authority mayor had with the artist, such as ordering to remodel the green areas of the southern district and creating a bush of a ‘panda bear’ for Mariella. After several years, she knows what has become of the former official’s life.

How did the romance between Mariella and Roberto Gómez Baca begin?

Mariella Zanetti was participating in the program “El gran show” in July 2013, when she revealed that she was in a relationship with Roberto Gomez Baca, who at that time was the mayor of Santiago de Surco.. She had won one of the seats to be district councilor.

He said when confirming that their relationship had started three months ago. He also clarified that his work within the commune was not going to change.

Mariella Zanetti in “The Big Show”: Capture/América TV

Former mayor of Surco gave a ‘bear’ to Mariella Zanetti

During their relationship, Roberto Gómez Baca had various love affairs with Mariella Zanetti. The one that drew the most attention was the one he did in August 2013, as he sent to make a bush in the shape of a panda bear, which he placed in a park near the actress’s house.

This act was harshly criticized by the residents of Surco, as well as by the press, since they would have spent money from the municipality for it. Finally, the ‘bear’ was removed from the place.

Roberto Gómez Baca sent a park to be remodeled as a show of affection for Mariella Zanetti. Photo: diffusion

Mariella and Gómez Baca ended their relationship

Despite the details, just six months after starting their romance, Mariella Zanetti ended her relationship with Roberto Gómez Baca.

According to sources close to the actress, she could not cope with the political environment and he did not get used to the media pressure, so they finally distanced themselves.

Roberto Gomez Baca

What happened to Roberto Gómez Baca?

After finishing his term in the Municipality of Surco, Roberto Gómez Baca aspired to be elected as mayor of Lima by the Vamos Perú party in the period 2019-2022. However, he did not even manage to appear in the first positions of the runoff.

At the beginning of 2021, the former mayor made news again after having been hospitalized in the ICU area of ​​the San Felipe clinic for more than a month after contracting COVID-19. Upon being discharged, Baca starred in an emotional meeting with his wife, Katherine Polar.

Last May, Mariella Zanetti herself recalled her past romance with the mayor’s authority and revealed that she had moved away from the public eye to dedicate herself full time to her family, she said.

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