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maricarmen marin Y Sebastian Martins They have become one of the most solid couples in the artistic world. The remembered former member of beautiful water He has confessed that it is not to publish his relationship on networks much; However, with the arrival of her youngest daughter, they have been seen happy by these virtual platforms.

The singer of “Una Copita” revealed that she met Sebastián Martins when he was the producer of the program “I am” and she was a jury of the program. Next, she knows how many years apart the boyfriends are and how long they have been next to each other.

How many years apart are Maricarmen Marín and her boyfriend Sebastián Martins?

maricarmen marin was born on September 28, 1982, while Sebastian Martins He did so on August 21, 1986.

Both became parents of Micaela, who was born on December 10, 2021. The couple have marriage plans for 2022, but the expected day of the ceremony has not yet arrived.

Maricarmen Marín and Sebastián Martins became parents in 2021. Photo: LR composition/Instagram capture/@maricarmenmarins

She assured La República that it was still too soon to take that step and that more than anything they prioritize the well-being of her youngest daughter.

“Now it is different. I would like Micaela (her daughter) to be a little bigger so that she can see us and she can wear the earrings. We have already discussed it with Sebastián. That will depend from here to a little while longer, ”she said.

How long have Maricarmen Marín and her boyfriend Sebastián Martins been together?

Their romance began after their break with music producer Juan Carlos Fernández. He was the composer of the themes of “Al fondo hay sitio”. The end of their relationship occurred on good terms and maintaining the friendship between them.

At that time, as we told before, she was a member of the jury of “I am” and Martins was the producer of the program. The duo had such good chemistry that they ended up falling in love.

Maricarmen Marín and Sebastián Martins began their romance in 2014. Photo: LR composition/Instagram capture/@maricarmenmarins/@sebasmartins

It was not until 2021 that Maricarmen opened up their relationship further by telling “Women in Command” that she was engaged to the TV producer. Finally, on July 11, 2021, she revealed that she was in sweet waiting.

Maricarmen Marín is excited to sing “Elsa” in “La voz kids”

The surprises don’t stop! maricarmen marin he does not stop dazzling his followers in “La voz kids”; this time she performed some songs that arise from interactions with the children auditioning on the children’s singing reality show. On this occasion, the cumbiambera sang “Elsa” by the iconic band The flashes.

The last participant in the blind auditions chose her as her musical coach and that made the businesswoman celebrate the choice by singing the best of her musical genre. “How delicious is cumbia! Taste, taste, taste.”

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The relationship between Maricarmen Marín and Juan Carlos Fernández

Although Maricarmen Marín and Juan Carlos Fernandez they kept their private life away from cameras and the public eye, their relationship was one of the most popular of the time. The famous songwriter for “Al fondo hay sitio” even expressed that they both had marriage plans.

“My relationship with Maricarmen is (very good), as it should be. If there are wedding plans? Yes, soon we will give you news. We are both fine in the chamba. It’s good that you understand my work, which is crazy. We have time to be happy. I know that it will go well for us because those who do well end well, ”she told the magazine“ For them ”.

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Why did Maricarmen Marín and Juan Carlos Fernández cancel their marriage plans?

In 2014, the couple announced their breakup after a few months of completing their final separation. The composer Juan Carlos Fernandez He made it clear that there was no issue of infidelity and that the real reason was that they had very busy schedules that left little time for romance.

“Well, it’s true. Her relationship with Maricarmen ended. It happens that I don’t have time, because there is a lot of work and now each one has taken their course. For me, she is a wonderful woman and I will always wish her the best, ”she revealed to Trome.

Maricarmen Marín and Juan Carlos Fernández during the dinner for the 59th anniversary of APDAYC, in 2011. Photo: Radio Bacán

How tall is Maricarmen Marin?

The popular singer Maricarmen Marín is 1.64 meters tall. The television host has publicly revealed that she has no problem with her height; On the contrary, she has been happy and joyful about it on her social networks.

Maricarmen Marín is 1.61 meters tall. Photo: Instagram/Maricarmen Marin

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