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Maribel Velarde She was characterized as one of the most popular and media vedettes of the Peruvian show business in the 90s. For several years, she was a character who appeared frequently on show programs, but over time her life took a turn. different direction. However, she has not been without problems with the law.

Throughout her career, the former dancer has starred in certain court cases for alleged links with international mafias as a result of the love affair she had with her ex-partner Gino Tello. In addition to this, she has forged a career as a professional. In this context, we tell you what is the current situation of the former vedette.


Maribel Velarde’s career

Maribel Velarde He began his career as a star in the early 1990s. He participated in the comedy program “Risas y Salsas”. She was also part of the cast of the television program “El especial del humor” and “Laughs from America.”

The former vedette has been involved in legal cases for her love affairs or for the links she has had with controversial characters, such as the former Banco Continental cashier Cronwell Gálvez. For example, in 2005, she was sentenced by the Judiciary to a three-year suspended prison sentence because she was accused of having received illicit money from Gálvez.

Velarde also had a relationship with José Quispe Huamán, known as “Shakira”, who was captured in 2009 while trying to rob a bank in the Salamanca district. As she revealed in an interview with a local program, she had a baby with this character.

Maribel Velarde maintained an affective bond with José Quispe Huamán. Photo: composition LR/El Popular

During those years, he also had a short relationship with drug trafficker Gino Tello, who, according to information from the local press, committed suicide on April 21, 2010. Later, he was linked to Jaime ‘Pinocho’ Rojas Canevaro. He was found dead in Maribel’s apartment in 2012. According to the Police version, at the time of his death, this character had complaints for drug trafficking.

Likewise, he was a partner of the drug trafficker Marco Rengifo Díaz, ‘Polanco II’, who was shot down by police officers in 2014 in the Valley of the Apurímac, Ene and Mantaro rivers (Vraem).

What happened to the life of Maribel Velarde?

Although Velarde had a controversial facet due to her love ties with characters from the underworld, she has also dedicated herself to studies. For example, in 2013, she obtained a bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences from the San Juan Bautista Private University.

Maribel Velarde has studied Law. Photo: Maribel Velarde/Facebook

After five years of obtaining this achievement, he graduated in Law from the same house of studies. Subsequently, she completed a master’s degree in Law at the University of Medellín, in Colombia. In March 2018, she announced her enrollment in the Lima Bar Association through her social networks. According to information from her own Facebook social network, she currently works as a trial lawyer.


Investigation against Maribel Velarde

In 2019, the Public Ministry requested 25 years in prison in a judicial process that is being followed for the alleged crime of money laundering. The former vedette is accused of having received money from her ex-partner Gino Tello for the acquisition of real estate and vehicles.

At that time, prosecutor Luz Elizabeth Peralta Santur asserted that Velarde was part of a criminal organization. In addition, she added that the former dancer involved her relatives, since she transferred vehicles and goods to them.

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