Maria Pia Copello | Former dancer of “María Pía y Timoteo” claims not to want fame after accusation of abuse: “I’m not from this little world” | entertainment

Maria Pia Copello stars in a media controversy after being accused by one of her former dancers. The young Dannya Bahamonde revealed through a video on TikTok that the driver usually yelled at her cast members and thus supported Nataniel Sánchez’s version.

“The only ones who could call our attention were the production people with the authorization of our parents because we were minors. She,” she asserted.


Former dancer says she doesn’t want media attention

After her statements went viral on social networks, the former dancer clarified that she only wanted to tell her own experience with the television figure and has no intention of gaining fame through said statement.

“It’s getting uncomfortable, I’m not from this little world, I don’t eat or live from this, I just wanted to go out and defend a truth,” he said.

In the same way, he would have sent a hint to María Pía Copello for denying what was stated by Nataniel Sánchez.

“Yes, I am outraged that people now have amnesia and want to paint themselves as something they were not at that time. I don’t know if they have changed, but apparently, to continue lying, I don’t think they have changed much, “he wrote. Danny Bahammondand on his Instagram account.

Former dancer says she does not want fame after accusing María Pía Copello. Photo: Instagram capture


What did María Pía Copello answer?

María Pía Copello contacted Rodrigo González after being linked to Nataniel Sánchez’s statements about a famous driver who yelled at her when she was 10 years old.

“Peluchín” replied to the audience what he answered about this episode and assured that the now famous actress did not pay attention.

“What he told me was that they were a group of more than 25 boys (…) It was not because he made a mistake in a dance step, because it is not a function of María Pía, according to what he told me: ‘What am I going to do? to yell at someone’”, he exposed during his program “Amor y fuego”.

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Who is Dannya Bahamonde?

Dannya Bahamonde is a former dancer who was part of the program “Maria Pia and Timothy” in the early 2000s. The young woman, who was only 7 years old at the time, included the space’s children’s dance cast.

After the end of the famous show, she also participated in “La casa de Timoteo”, being one of the co-hosts of the popular doll.

Dannya Bahamonde in “Timoteo’s House”. Photo: America TV


Did Maria Pia yell at Dannya Bahamonde?

Another revelation that tiktoker Dannya made was her own experience with Maria Pía Copello at the age of 7. “They told me that I had to say which artist and I told them Selena Quintanilla and they told me that she couldn’t because she was dead.: Listen to me, you can’t say anything else if we’ve already agreed on something! I just kept quiet and looked at the producer, ”she said.

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