Maluma in Combat: how did the Colombian singer get to the ATV reality show 10 years ago? | entertainment

Maluma is undoubtedly one of the most successful Latin American artists of the moment. The 28-year-old singer has won awards such as Latin Billboards, Heat Latin Music Awards, Nuestra Tierra or MTV Millennial Awards. In addition, the interpreter of songs such as “Sobrio” or “Felices los cuatro” has performed on the most important stages at an international level, among them, in the Viña del Mar Festival 2017.

Before he became a crowd idol, Maluma He sang at school parties, quinceañeros and all kinds of events. He remembers that in 2010 he offered between 250 and 300 shows (many of them free) so that his name began to be familiar. In 2012, as part of his strategy to win new markets, he arrived in Peru. Thus, effectively, he did everything to conquer his new audience. He knows how he entered “Combate”, one of the best-known reality shows on Peruvian television.


How did Maluma enter “Combat”?

The producer of “Combate”, Marisol Crousillat, revealed in an interview for Infobae that Maluma’s entry into the program was purely by chance. “I was a friend of the manager of Sony Music in Peru at that time. He told me: ‘look, ‘Combat’ is doing very well, what can we do?’ “I don’t know, what’s on your mind?” I asked him. ”, says Crousillat.

10 years ago, Maluma participated in Combate. Photo: Capture/ATV/Broadcast

Given Marisol’s affirmative response, the music entrepreneur proposed to include Maluma as one more fighter. “He started looking on YouTube for the songs, and when I heard it I loved it. At that time he was a chibolo, I think he was 18 years old. he said between laughs.

Until now, it even seems incredible to her that a Meet and Greet with Maluma costs 500 dollars, and she, who was so close, does not have any photos with him. “Now it’s unbeatable, it seems funny to me, because today a Meet and Greet with him costs about 500 dollars and I don’t have any photos. And I say to myself ‘it can’t be’, I had him by my side for a whole week. Besides, he treated him like just another chibolito (laughs). Yes, well, these are things that happen, ”he reflected.


How was Maluma’s participation in “Combat”?

When the singer joined the green team of “Combate”, he was only 18 years old, but he already showed his natural charisma for the screens. During the week that his participation lasted, Maluma surpassed all the competition games and even dared to dance with Zumba.

Lazy loaded component

The reggaeton player also had time for love, since he confessed that he had a special fascination for Sheyla Rojas, whom he flattered and dedicated part of his song “Obsesión”.

Maluma remembers his time in “Combat”

In 2019, the interpreter of “Felices los 4” affirmed that, during its beginnings, Peru became his second home. “I remember that I came to Peru to participate in ‘Combate’, I was there for a week, and I had to do a million things for the Peruvian public to fall in love with my music (…) ”, Maluma said at the time.

Maluma in Fresh Water

At age 20, Maluma visited Peru and strolled through the most popular spa in Lima, we refer to Sweet water. On that visit he took several photos with different fans who recognized them, but there were very few people, because he was still not that well known.

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