Magaly vs. Bárbara Cayo: how was the enmity between the driver and Alessia Rovengo’s mother born? Lucho Rovegno Carlos Thorton | entertainment

In the early 2000s, the always controversial Magaly Medina brought to light a spicy ampay that lead to the breakdown of a marriage. From that day on, Bárbara Cayo declared war on her, since the compromising images of her directly involved her.

The ampay made evident the infidelity of the former “Torbellino” with actor Carlos Thorton, when she was still married to Lucho Rovegno, the father of her two daughters. The revelation put a definitive end to her marriage.


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Bárbara Cayo and the harsh words towards Magaly Medina

In 2011, years after the ampay, the oldest of the Cayos gave an interview to the magazine Cosas, in where he not only made his repulsion towards the driver evident, but also called her “witch”.

Bárbara Cayo and Carlos Thorton starred in a scandalous ampay. Photo: LR/Broadcast composition

“There is a witch on television who inflates everything, she has the power of enchantment. But I can’t talk about the witch either. I would like to, but I cannot by contract. I have no hair on my tongue, nobody scares me, “she said at the time, in clear reference to Magaly.

In addition, during the interview, Bárbara Cayo recalled the hard moment she experienced after being supported by actor Carlos Thorton. As she indicated, she greatly affected her work life, her love life and especially her health.


“They enlarged something that was nothing! Unfortunately, I not only lost important contracts because of that, but also my marriage (…) and that is already totally over, “she said.

Bárbara Cayo and her ex-husband. Photo: Arianna Rovegno/ Instagram capture

He also remarked: “Let’s say that she always has the last word, she has power in the media, right? She lives off the evil she does to people. She is like the witch in the stories.”


The other ampay of Bárbara Cayo who never came out

Recently, Magaly Medina revealed on the JB program the unpleasant situation she experienced after Bárbara Cayo’s second ampay that her research team caught, but never saw the light of day because the actress begged her not to publish it.

“She had already separated from her husband because of the first ampay, so I answered her and she said: , she pointed out.

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Although she agreed to her request, the TV host stated that she was not well rewarded. “I have repented all my life, because this woman has made a total war on me.” She remembered that once she was in a food place and Bárbara Cayo looked for her to verbally assault her, Medina said.

The time that Magaly Medina was almost added by the Cayo’s mother

In 2019, Magaly Medina visited Andrea Llosa’s set and during her program revealed that, a few years ago, she was about to be attacked by Bárbara Cayo’s mother as a result of the aforementioned ampay. The incident occurred in a shopping center in San Isidro, but luckily it did not get bigger.

“My mom lived in San Isidro and I did her shopping for her at the district mall. So, one day I went in and since I had the habit of not going in safely to do the shopping, I was on my way out and I met a lady who put the car in my car and called me daughter of p…”, she began in the program.

“And there I recognize her (Mother of Bárbara Cayo); So, I told her b… your daughters and she jumped on top of her to want to hit me. She couldn’t touch me because I put the car in front of her and the woman started screaming, she let go of her car and she wanted to grab me by the hair, but she couldn’t. Wong’s security was very quick, they lifted her up in the air and pulled the woman out all hysterical,” she added.

Alessia’s grandmother ‘stands up’ for her granddaughter

Ana Cecilia Sanguinetti, mother of the Cayo clan, dedicated a post on Facebook to her granddaughter Alessia Rovegno, after the model and candidate for Miss Peru was harshly criticized on social networks.

Alessia Rovengo is the new Miss Peru. Photo: facebook

“I say it with pride and no humility, my beautiful granddaughter Alessia Rovegno is a work of art made of flesh and blood because she is human, even if she doesn’t look like it, she is almost an angel, besides, she is just like her ‘noni’! that age! (meaning me),” she wrote.

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