Magaly Medina says that she never needed a ‘memory aid’ to drive: “What are they going to tell me?” | Jazmín Pinedo | Video | Entertainment

Magaly Medina He pointed out that Jazmín Pinedo was being guided by a hearing aid —which is known on TV as a ‘cheat’ or ‘memory aid’—while attacking the popular ‘Urraca’. For this reason, the ATV driver reminded her that she never needed anyone to lead her program in her more than 20-year career.

“We are so good at what we do that we have realized how everything was blown to him, he had a memory aid, he had what we call in terms of television ‘cheat’, he had a leg that guided everything”, he began by saying.

Magaly then showed the audience what the headset used by hosts looks like when they are live. “I have brought it just for you to see because I don’t usually use it. They played it to me when I was on the Latina newscast, but .

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Magaly Medina throws out Jazmín Pinedo

Magaly Medina explained that her way of driving is different from that of many presenters, such as Jazmín Pinedo. .

“This is how most ventriloquists act on television and this little girl, but not only that, she also had a script, she had a script. They had done everything to her, what a shame! To defend themselves from me they had to do everything to her, they dictated to her phrase by phrase what she had to say. Here I defend myself alone, always; my script and my script is here (points to his brain)I speak what is born to me, what I feel”, he adds.

Did the production dictate everything to you? Magaly Medina believes that the production of “More shows” “blew” everything she had to say. Photo: Capture/ATV/America TV


Magaly Medina denies accusations of Jazmín Pinedo

Jazmín Pinedo called Magaly Medina “macho”, “retrograde” and even having had a sentimental relationship with the director of the magazine where she started working. After hearing this, the figure of “Magaly TV” answered him emphatically.

“It seems that the people who work for her and who have dictated this entire script and this speech to her have picked up gossip, those things that are heard in the corridors of TV channels. , so the legends are fabulous and this girl has been ignorant, anyone at least googles a little, but she has not done that, “said Magaly Medina.

Magaly Medina and Jazmin Pinedo. Photo: Composition LR/ATV/America TV


Did Magaly Medina call Jazmín Pinedo frustrated?

On June 17, “Magaly TV, la firma” began with the host’s response to what was said by Jazmín Pinedo, who was harshly questioned by the ATV figure for her interview with Jefferson Farfán.

“Journalist who does not bother, is not a journalist. she pointed out. “People pay you to do public relations, to make them ‘cherrys’ as we call them,” said Magaly Medina.

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