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Melissa Paredes does not shy away from controversy. This time, the model grabbed the attention after being interviewed by Rodrigo González and Gigi Mitre. During the conversation, she assured that she was warned that the security cameras Magaly Medina they were following her; However, the show host came out to deny these statements.

In the last broadcast of her program, the well-known “Urraca” spoke again about the actress’s ampay and clarified that her reporters spent several days following the steps of the former driver to verify the information they were given.

What did Magaly Medina say?

Before the last comments that Melissa Paredes gave for the Rodrigo and Gigi program, in which she indicated that she already knew that the cameras were following her, the presenter of “Magaly TV, the firm” indicated that the information they gave her came from a source reliable, which is why they began to investigate it.


“We are the only people who handle privileged information, accurate data of the tracks that we follow and the clues that we are trying to see if it materializes or not. Don’t put it on the “America Today” program because that’s where the rumors came from, “he explained.

In addition, he did not hesitate to go out and defend the reporters with whom he works, since it is thanks to his arduous investigation that truthful ampays are obtained. Likewise, she questioned what Melissa said, since she allowed herself to be recorded in compromising situations with Anthony Aranda.

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“Do you think we only have one cart, do you think we have only one investigator? That is something that we already know how to do, we have extensive experience. ”, She narrowed down.


Magaly Medina shows new images of Melissa and the ‘Activator’

Despite the fact that Melissa Paredes stated that her first kiss with Anthony Aranda was on the day of the ampay in the gym, Magaly Medina came out to refute this version and shared live unpublished images of the model with the dancer.

According to the video presented, . Likewise, the figure of ATV indicated that the romance between the two would have started much earlier than they claim.

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