Magaly Medina minimizes Jesús Barco, Melissa Klug’s fiancé: “He is a mediocre player” | Brunella Horna | show business

Melissa Klug and Jesús Barco have recently become one of the most solid couples in the national show business, despite the age difference between them. Even in less than two years of relationship, both got engaged and whenever they can they shine on luxurious trips like the one they took a few weeks ago in Qatar and Thailand.

That time, the chalaca assured that the young flyer had paid all the expenses of this journey, but Magaly Medina questioned this version in the last edition of his program. The host commented on the small exchange of words that the ex-partner of Jefferson Farfán and Brunella Horna had last Thursday, November 24 in “América hoy” and incidentally she took advantage of harshly criticizing the former Sport Boys player.

Magaly describes Jesús Barco, Melissa Klug’s boyfriend, as mediocre

In this discussion, Melissa Klug seemed stung by a question from the blonde businesswoman about the future of Jesús Barco, generating a rarefied atmosphere on the set of the American morning show. For this reason, “Urraca” pointed out that “Blanca de Chucuito” is not right in mentioning that show business is not the world of soccer players, since his poor level in Peruvian football does not make him stand out.

“She says that entertainment is not her business when you ask her about Jesús Barco, well, entertainment will not be her business because she is a soccer player. It must be mentioned that we see Jesús Barcos more on the covers of newspaper shows than in the sports part of the newspapers, that is the truth, ”she began.

Lazy loaded component

“We don’t have to put a blindfold on Melissa, you haven’t fallen in love with a super player or the most outstanding Peruvian athlete. He does not stand out, he is one of the bunch. We don’t have to scratch ourselves for that, he is a mediocre player. The result this year is that he is a mediocre player, ”he declared.

Melissa Klug assures that Jesús Barco paid for the trip to Thailand

Previously, and before the comments that slipped another version, Melissa Klug specified that it was Jesús Barco who paid until the last sun of his excursion to Thailand. Jefferson Farfán’s ex-partner pointed out that the national midfielder had already planned everything for some time, since at that time they celebrated two years of romance.

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