Magaly Medina denies being behind the false ampay between Giuliana Rengifo and Christian Domínguez: “I do not conspire with my fans to attack someone” | Magaly Tv, the firm | Videos | entertainment

Magaly Medina She did not remain silent after Giuliana Rengifo accused her of having created a false ampay with Christian Domínguez. Given this, the presenter of Magaly Tv, the firm He took a few minutes from his program to deny the cumbia singer.

The renowned host highlighted the time she has been working on television and r


“We have reached 25 years in front of a screen, directing a journalistic program and assuming its leadership,” he said on Tuesday, May 10 in his program.

In addition, Magaly Medina She thanked her followers for their support and assured that she would never ask them to attack any character.

“It does not occur to many of these people to blame my fans, whom I thank all my life for their support, who have 50 accounts with my name on them. I thank you because it is a way of showing us your love. Thank you very much to all of them. he added.

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Giuliana Rengifo will initiate legal action

During her visit to “America Today”, Giuliana Rengifo announced that she will take legal action against El Show del Rating Reality Peru, the Facebook page that spread the rumor about the false ampay with Christian Domínguez.

“I am a mother, I have three daughters, I have a family, and it is really outrageous that they want to profit from my image insanely, leaving me as the lover (…) I am tired, fed up, disgusted. This page is going to have to pay to the last consequences for what it is doing, ”she commented.

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Giuliana Rengifo asks to be left alone

The singer Giuliana Rengifo expressed her discomfort at the false ampay and asked to be left alone, since she tries to focus only on her artistic career.

“I am trying to climb, to go up, to add, enough. Stop screwing **** my life, ”she mentioned in“ America Today ”.

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Giuliana Rengifo on Magaly Medina: “She is hurt”

After Magaly Medina insist that there was no relationship as such between alfredo zambrano Y Giuliana Rengifo, the cumbia singer spoke with “Love and fire”. The cumbiambera pointed out that the television host is resentful of all the scandal around her partner.

“I have to take care of her, because she is Magaly Medina. I think she’s hurt, but hey, it was a relationship that happened a long time ago. She always brags about defending women, but she doesn’t, she puts names. She has a ‘garbage’ program. I think she is not worthy to tell me something, ”she commented.

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