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Magaly Medina He has proven to be a very versatile person and a firm decision-maker when he proposes something. In a previous interview, she revealed that she never lived in her husband Alfredo Zambrano’s house, among other reasons, because she was used to decorating things to her liking and she did not want to interfere with what had already been done. accomplished.

Thus, that same fondness for decoration has been able to display it in a new space, in which she will share her marriage with the notary, with whom she recently uploaded a video of the construction of the enclosure.


How is Magaly Medina’s work going?

In the images you can see the journalist Magaly Medina and her partner, Alfredo Zambrano, visiting the place, which is still flat and with a lot of land around it. From what you can see, it stands above many other buildings and has a privileged view of the Surco district.

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The caption written by the presenter of “Magaly TV, the firm” says: “”. Likewise, she assures that next Christmas she wants to spend it in that place.


Magaly Medina has a luxurious mansion in La Molina

The television host Magaly Medina has become one more influencer who sponsors various national and international brands. During the videos that she publishes to promote these brands, she has been showing more spaces than her luxurious home, built in the district of La Molinawhich she has owned since before marrying the notary Alfredo Zambrano.

Magaly Medina’s paintings. Photo: Composition LR / Instagram / Youtube.

Among all the spaces that the mansion has, you can appreciate its spacious living room, its dining room, bedrooms, a dream closet, its bathroom, kitchen, its swimming pool and many more common spaces, such as the place where it collects paintings by renowned artists. .


Magaly Medina did a house tour and her fans were speechless by the luxuries she has in her mansion

Magaly Medina is one of the few figures in the journalistic world who managed to create a fortune in this field. Throughout different videos published on her social networks, one of her most viral being the house tour that she did for her YouTube channel, the host showed details of her mansion.

Magaly Medina’s kitchen. Photo: Youtube.

It was a very old house, I tore it all down and did it to my liking”, reveals Magaly Medina in the introduction to her video.


Magaly Medina responds to Janet Barboza

Everything has a limit! The driver Magaly Medina seems to no longer have patience with the comments of her colleague Janet Barboza, who has been bothering her and her husband Alfredo Zambrano for months with the alleged relationship he had with the singer Giuliana Rengifo .

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Given this, the otario chose to send him a notarial letter asking him to rectify himself and stop calling him, in a mockery, ‘penguin’. That is why the journalist also came out to affirm: “Making people understand that I have forgiven my husband’s infidelity during my marriage, and everyone who knows me, including my husband, knows it.”


Janet Barboza called Magaly Medina’s husband a “penguin”

Although the enmity between Janet Barboza and Magaly Medina for a few years is not new, the popular “Urraca” could not stand the comment of the host of “America today”, who slipped an alleged infidelity on the part of the notary Alfredo Zambrano.

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If you forgave your ‘penguin’, then you washed his face and ‘powdered’ him to save your marriage, why criticize others?” “Retoquitos” told El Popular. On her side, Medina denied any type of infidelity. “He tells people a bigger lie. (…) By the way, my husband has a name, he is a lawyer, he is successful, honest and hard-working, “she said.


Giuliana Rengifo attacks Magaly Medina

The singer Giuliana Rengifo does not remain silent in front of the notarial letter that the notary Alfredo Zambrano sent to Janet Barboza for the speculations that they launched in the program “america today” and because he did not like being called a ‘penguin’.

Giuliana Rengifo was fed up with the qualifiers she has received from Magaly Medina. Photo: Composite/Willax Capture/Instagram

In that sense, he stated: “The only thing I was looking for when I said that I had something with the man is that I never got into any relationship, because many thought that I was the third in discord. They already said that at that time, six years ago, they were both single and that’s where I was with him.”


Did Giuliana Rengifo call Magaly a ‘victim’?

The businesswoman Giuliana Rengifo was consulted by “Love and Fire” about the letter that Alfredo Zambrano sent to Janet Barboza demanding that he rectify himself for calling him a ‘penguin’. The former member of Agua Bella believed that the notary and in that sense, said that his wife, Magaly Medina was “one more victim.”

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