Magaly Medina affirms that journalism should “inconvenience” and users remind her of her interviews with Keiko Fujimori, Alan García and Ronaldo | Jasmine Pinedo | entertainment

After Magaly Medina responded to Jazmín Pinedo and assured that the exercise of journalism is to “annoy” and “not bribe”, dozens of Internet users reminded the presenter of the controversial interviews she had with prominent public figures such as Keiko Fujimori, Alan García and ex-soccer player Ronaldo .

In social networks, users disapproved that those times Medina has not been so incisive with his questions and that, contrary to what he preaches, he has even come to joke.


What did Magaly Medina say?

In her program, Magaly Medina questioned Jazmín Pinedo about how she interviewed Peruvian soccer player Jefferson Farfán, because during the conversation both showed great confidence. Even the player who plays in Alianza Lima dared to carry “Chinita” in his arms and confessed that years ago she was his “platonic love”.

Medina said, and then also addressed the national press and ensured that they should not be afraid to speak.

“Unfortunately, many political journalists find it difficult to make them uncomfortable, to ask questions that make the president uncomfortable (…). They don’t feel emboldened. We journalists are the ones who have the voice of what many people want to do, but cannot,” added the driver.

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They remember interviews with Magaly

Magaly Medina’s words had a quick effect on social networks, where several Internet users took the opportunity to remind her of the “friendly” interviews that she also starred in with controversial characters and her attitude was not as incisive as on other occasions.

Among those interviewed are the former presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori and the former president of Peru Alan García, who died in 2019. In addition, Medina also had the award-winning former Brazilian soccer player Ronaldo on his TV set.

“The one who danced for Alan García says so”, “Do you remember, Magaly, when you interviewed Keiko? You never bothered her”, “Similar sobona”, are some of the comments that can be read on the Facebook platform.

Users remind Magaly Medina of the “friendly” interviews she had with Keiko Fujimori and Alan García. Photo: Facebook

Users remind Magaly Medina of the “friendly” interviews she had with Keiko Fujimori and Alan García Photo: Facebook


Keiko asks Magaly not to look at her husband

About the General Elections 2021, Magaly Medina interviewed former presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori with her husband Mark Vito on the set of her show.

Throughout the conversation, both women threw various jokes at each other. In one of them, it was striking that the leader of Fuerza Popular asked Medina not to ‘flirt’ with her husband.

“You already made friends with your husband, stop flirting with mine”Keiko Fujimori laughed after Magaly had said that people and she herself “missed Mark’s presence” during the political campaign.

After this interview, several people questioned Medina for not being so incisive in his questions to Fujimori and for not having consulted him about the proposals he had for his supposed government.

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Alan García highlights the beauty of Magaly Medina (2001)

Magaly Medina always used to surprise the audience with the important characters that came to her program. One of the interviews that attracted the most attention throughout her career was the one she had with former president Alan García, in which they talked about his role as his father and the rumors that existed that he It was a “hummingbird”.

The interview was pleasant. So great was the closeness between the two in front of the spotlights, that even the missing politician dared to highlight Medina’s physique.

“Before a beautiful woman, what do you want me to say?” Garcia said, causing the presenter to blush and get nervous. “He must be the only one in this country who has called me pretty,” Medina answered.


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Magaly interviews Ronaldo (2004)

In June 2004, Magaly Medina had on her show the famous ex-soccer player Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima, better known as Ronaldo or ‘The Phenomenon’. During the almost 10 minutes that the conversation lasted, both showed great complicity.

God, those legs are worth over $45 million. OMG!”, Magaly Medina expressed. “I think I’m kidnapping you right now and asking Real Madrid for a ransom”, added the driver joking with the ex-star of the merengue box.

On that occasion, the Brazilian managed to say that Medina seemed like a “beautiful woman”. Minutes later he sang a song to the presenter along with Pedro Suárez Vértiz, who was also there.

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Magaly Medina and Adal Ramones

In November 2009, Adal Ramones visited Magaly Medina’s set to talk about the return of her program “Otro rollo”. However, the Mexican showman took control of the interview in some parts and even crossed the line, according to the comments left, when he asked the driver:

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