Love, I want you to be a good father and husband, not to “help me”

Love, I want you to be a good father and husband, not “help me”, because I think the family that we are forming is the most important piece of our life and we need the best of you.

Your house is not a place where you only get to sleep, it is not enough to give money for the bills, we need you to be here, even if it is a short time we can really enjoy you, that you take the time to get involved in everything, in the cleaning, in the organization, in the decoration, that you truly make it your home so that you always want to come back.

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I know, you arrive tired from work and so do I, but there is a magic when we are together, when we help each other, when we show our children what a great team we are. I love that sometimes you prepare my coffee or that if you go to the store you bring my favorite cookies, I love preparing that dish that you love so much and that the first time I tried it it burned me, I love that we learn together and that we have those little details with each other.

I don’t expect a queen’s life I also want to give you the life of a king, I don’t want you to read my mind but have the confidence to ask, to talk about whatever it is, to show what you feel without fear, I want you to see in me a true support, a break, also the toughest judge because I won’t let you throw in the towel, we are to grow together.

I want it to be you, not only do you do what you think a husband should do, I don’t need gifts, I don’t need bouquets or chocolates, I want you, present, interested in what is happening, connected with me, attentive to what is needed and aware that what others say does not matter, that only your word and mine are worth.

Remember that you are part of this family.

Don’t help, you are part of this family

The same thing happens with our children, I ask you not to be an absent father, that you have time for them, that you listen to them, I want them to really know you and that they know that they can count on you, that they do not choose me for being the one who always is, I want to feel that by your side they will be as safe as with me, that you know how to do things like me and that you don’t mind spending time with them, that you know what to do, I want to be able to trust you.

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I don’t need a helper, I need a partner, I need to know that I count on you in every way and that it doesn’t weigh you down. I also get tired, I too would like to get home and have a few minutes where no one bothers me but the time we have now will not come back and this is the time to build together what our future will be.

I want my children to meet the man I fell in love with, to have a close relationship, that they see you as a loving father and not an unattainable man, do not be afraid to be with them without me, always remember that they are part of you and I think they are the best of us.

Love, I want you to be a good father and husband, not to “help me” because this is not a job i took on alone, because when you say “that you help me” you make me feel that at any moment you can leave, that we are not important to you, that all this is temporary. Don’t help me because being a father and husband is part of you, It is part of the commitment that you accepted when you gave me the yes.

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