Livia Brito’s unusual hobby that reminds her of her grandmother

There are people who collect postcards, other coins, and other collectible cars. But Livia Brito collect bells! Yes, bells.

In its YouTube channel He uploaded a video entitled ‘Why do you collect bells?’, in which he tells in detail how this hobby was born at the hands of his grandmother in her native Cuba.

After the presentation, she can be seen at Livia Brito saying: ‘When I was a little bit younger, I would go to Cuba, my country of birth, and visit my grandmother. My grandmother is, I say it is because for me she is alive although she has already passed away, she is one of the people I love the most in this life ‘.

Later he continued with the story telling: ‘It turns out that little by little my grandmother was losing her voice because she had this disease that we all know, she had cancer. There came a point where I couldn’t speak anymore. ‘

Source: YouTube / Livia Brito

The lady reached a point that she was already bedridden, unable to move. So that Livia Brito and her family decided to pay for a lady who could take care of her while they were in Mexico.

The first time Livia went to visit her after this situation, her grandmother asked her if they could give her a bell since she couldn’t call the lady. I wanted it to be at least ‘a little bell, for her to be able to ring it’. To which the young actress said yes, that she would take care of bringing him a bell on his next visit.

Livia Brito He returned to Mexico and started buying bells whenever he could. Unfortunately, when he returned to Cuba, her grandmother had already passed away, so she could never give her her bells.

This is the reason why the protagonist of ‘La Desalmada’ collects bells from all the places she visits.

‘Every time I go somewhere, every time I go to some country, every time I am anywhere in the world. I remember her and she bought a bell on the spot, although I know I will never be able to give it to her ‘he said to end the story.

It is a very beautiful story and at the same time very sad, that Livia Brito wanted to share with her followers so that they know her more as a person.

Did you imagine the hobby of Livia Brito?

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