Livia Brito as guardian of the bay in the lifeguard tower shows off her squares

Livia Brito as guardian of the bay in the lifeguard tower shows off her squares. | instagram special

Livia Brito as guardian of the bay in the lifeguard tower shows off her squares and makes his followers sigh, as he confirms that his figure is one of the most admired in Latin entertainment.

The actress of “The Heartless”surprised with the daring pose that her own boyfriend helped coordinate, this after having been in the recording forum performing his scenes from “No man’s wife”the new telenovela that promises to join his list of successes and that has drawn attention for being the new version of the unforgettable telenovela “Loving you is my sin”.

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Although in recent days Livia Brito was sick and had to be hospitalized, a couple of days later she joined her activities in the recording forum and showed not only her great discipline and commitment but also how much caring for her body with care has helped her. healthy food to recover quickly.

On this occasion, Livia Brito She stole glances posing on a lifeguard tower in a skin-colored two-piece set that not only showed off her ripped tummy but also highlighted her famous curves. The cuban actress shared this image inviting his followers to enjoy a well-deserved rest after a week of hard work. YOU CAN SEE THE IMAGE HERE

In a few hours the new Livia Brito’s photography became a trend and celebrities such as Ariadne Díaz and Maribel Guardia did not hesitate to comment on how well the actress from soap operas such as “Italian girl comes to get married”, “Abyss of Passion” and “Triunfo del amor”.

Livia Brito, excited by “Nobody’s Woman”

Although it was expected thatNo man’s wife” will arrive at Stars channel after the conclusion ofRich people cry too”, surprisingly it was announced that the space would be occupied by the second part of the unauthorized series by Vicente Fernández, “The last king” and it will be when it ends when we can finally see this new story starring Livia Brito and Marcus Ornellas.

Although several names were used to star in this telenovela, such as Esmeralda Pimentel, Scarlet Gruber and more, Livia Brito He has considered it a real honor to fill the position with such an iconic character.

Originally, it was Yadhira Carrillo who gave life to Leonora Madrigal, now, in this version Livia Brito will give life to “Lucia” and promises great emotions, as some changes have been made to the story.

This week the promos for “No man’s wife”, so we will soon be able to know the date of Livia Brito’s return to television after the great success of “The Heartless”.

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