Leonard León ignores the problems with Karla Tarazona and celebrates a birthday with his partner Olenka Cuba | entertainment

Leonard Leon is in the eye of the storm, after Karla Tarazona commented that she did not let her children travel to Disney. In addition, the driver has repeatedly expressed that he is not a present father, since he does not visit his children, nor does he correspond with child support.

How did Leonard León celebrate his birthday?

The singer celebrated his birthday with the mother of his daughter, Olenka Cuba, with whom he has been in a relationship for 4 years. Through their Instagram stories, the couple showed their happiness at a romantic lunch.

Olenka Cuba dedicated a message to him through his social networks. “I just had lemonade,” said the mother of her little girl.


Confrontation between Karla Tarazona and Leonard León

Karla Tarazona revealed that Leonard refused to sign the travel permit for her children, who were going on vacation to Disney next July. She raised her voice in protest against her ex-husband: “He took three children to sleep,” she attacked.

In addition, the ex-partner has presented several fights for the support of their children. The driver maintained that the singer made another demand to vary the agreed amount. ““, She expressed indignantly.

Leonard León celebrates his birthday. Photo: capture / Instagram

Leonard forgot about the problems and celebrated his birthday with his partner, Olenka. “Health My Love. One more year of life. Me with lemonade just ”, wrote the young mother on Instagram. Without a doubt, they have a stable relationship despite the problems with the television host.

Olenka Cuba, partner of Leonard León, dedicates a loving message to him. Photo: capture / Instagram

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