Léa’s fashion outfit in “Les 7 vies de Léa”

It sits in the French Top 10 of the streaming platform since it went online on April 28. The new French series, directed by Charlotte Sanson and inspired by the novel “The 7 lives of Léo Belami” by Nataël Trapp, tells the adventures of Léa. A 17-year-old teenager in 2021, the latter hates her life but will nevertheless see her be turned upside down by the discovery of a skeleton in the Gorges du Verdon. This corpse is that of Ishmael, a young man who disappeared thirty years earlier. The day after her macabre discovery, Léa wakes up in the body of the deceased, in 1991 and a few days before his death. With each new awakening that follows, the teenager finds herself in the shoes of a new person who has rubbed shoulders with Ishmael: high school friends, including Léa’s parents. The series thus recounts, in a sensitive and even humorous way at times, the weight of family secrets, but also the discovery of the body and sexuality. At the age of the first emotions, Léa indeed tames her desires sometimes in the skin of a mature woman, sometimes in that of a teenager with repressed homosexuality or a young man with toxic masculinity. With these returns to the past, Léa nevertheless risks upsetting a destiny at the slightest misstep, like in the film “The Butterfly Effect”. A French series with a convincing cast that we devour in no time.

The character of Léa: a teenager in search of truth

Played by Raïka Hazanavicius – the niece of Michel Hazanavicius who excels in her first main role – Léa seeks by all means to unravel the mystery that hides behind the death of Ishmael and, above all, to prevent it. Throughout the series, Léa shows herself as a young girl anchored in her time, feminist, fair, courageous and empathetic. Qualities that make her a character to whom we quickly become attached.

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Her wardrobe: casual and trendy pieces

The series takes place in both 2021 and 1991, giving rise to a whole panoply of clothing specific to these two periods. And if the 2020s marked the return of the trends of the 90s, we can only see it throughout the television program. If the protagonist has a style of her own, mixing pieces with a rock look and sportswear, she is still anchored in current fashion trends. Her favorite piece that never leaves her? Cycling shorts, which returned to the fashion scene in 2020, around 30 years after Lady Diana popularized the trend in the 90s. . Rather than adopting the classic cycling shorts, Léa opts for models with original details. Among them, we spotted a black one, with a blue band that brings pep and an even more sportswear style to the item, or another that is openwork on the sides. To accompany these tight shorts and arriving just above the knees, the protagonist put on simple tops, like cropped tops and tank tops of all kinds. In order to spruce up these ensembles a bit, she wears oversized shirts with graphic prints that she sometimes wears open or tied around the waist, a nylon bomber jacket that is also reminiscent of the track jackets of the 90s, and silver jewels with large links worn in accumulation which give it a look a bit rebellious and grunge. But if there is one outfit that caught our eye, it’s the one made up of corsair leggings, reaching mid-calf, a tight top with a funnel neck and psychedelic prints from the Adidas label, a black and yellow zebra-patterned shirt and her thick-soled ankle boots that she wears throughout the series. A sharp outfit that we could see on Kendall Jenner or Bella Hadid.

The good inspirations

In order to take up the modern style but enamored with a nostalgia for the nineties of the character, many houses and labels serve as our moodboard.

The tank top, long neglected in favor of the white t-shirt, comes straight back from the 90s and is certainly the top on which bet this year. Whether at Bottega Veneta, Chloé or even Prada, we say goodbye to the t-shirt and hello to the tank top in 2022. Shirts are also making a remarkable comeback! Deemed outdated in recent years, they are regaining their acclaim, as at Max Mara or Elisabetta Franchi this season. As for cycling shorts, which we can adopt again without fear of being judged for several seasons, we find them for all styles this year again. Graphic print at Balmain, floral at Lanvin, lamé at Dolce&Gabbana, beige at Off-White and even Tour de France style in Dior’s Pre-Fall 2022 collection!

Selection of pieces to shop to copy Léa’s looks.

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